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The Jigsaw Puzzle of Birth 2012 Coming Together

When we committed to launch the planetary Birth movement, we knew it would take a lot of grace for all the right elements to come together. And the universe hasn't disappointed.

Every week, new major events are announced around the world. From Byron Bay, Australia to Mexico and to many other countries, people are hearing the call to mark this moment of transitioning eras—and this profound process is often very synergistic. For example, we've decided to focus on the noon Pacific moment on December 21 as the beginning of the global "expansions." (These will culminate at the noon Pacific moment on the 22nd.) And as it turns out, indigenous elders from Australia and New Zealand are planning to assemble in Byron Bay Australia for a dawn ceremony at that very moment. In addition, a major global singalong in London with major artists may also begin at this time.

After this specific moment, we envision twelve "expansions" (rather than "contractions") occurring during the 24 hours leading up to the four-hour Birth Gala on the 22nd. These will symbolize the contractions of a birth. We will share the detailed structure for this soon. Noon Pacific on the 22nd will be a big powerful moment, leading into global song, meditations, qi gong, yoga, peace prayers, oms, and drumming as ways for us to unify hearts and minds.

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