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The Birth Takes Shape

After hosting 24 calls during Activation Week with leaders from around the world and a week of production meetings in three cities, I am delighted and often surprised by how the Birth 2012 movement is taking form.

There’s a truly artful design for it that is emerging in stages as we each activate our pieces.  The emergence of this larger pattern (often without conscious planning) is a reminder for me to trust the divine unfolding – the right people are engaging at just the right times.  Much of the Birth is still a just-in-time production; but then again, so is birth itself!

You can still access all of the Activation Week calls for free with leaders from Neale Donald Walsch to Lynne McTaggart below. We were blessed with indigenous elders from Bolivia, Guatemala, Maui, Canada, and Arizona, as well as remarkable insights into the dynamics of personal and planetary change.

Some of the highlights of what I see emerging:

1.     The idea of staging Barbara’s initial appearance in Byron Bay, Australia on Dec. 20th (our 19th) as the opening act in what becomes a 72-hour “Theater of Our Birth” in which we are all invited to be Actors and Cocreators. The Byron Bay event, which will be produced with cool graphics, music and dance, is akin to the breaking of the waters, spreading the evolutionary current into the world with a simultaneous global webcast.

2.     Inviting people into specific actions throughout the 72 hours, ranging from a “Words of Peace” commitment on social media to committing volunteer hours to gathering in a hub.

3.     Creating a Declaration of Interdependence that people can sign in advance and that is signed by a delegation in Philadelphia before presenting it to a group at the United Nations via our ally Ambassador Chowdury at the UN.

4.     A  program in Los Angeles that will feature hourly synchronizations that allow people to participate globally at each key point, such as global sing-alongs. Our executive producer of this event was previously invited by Starbucks to synchronize 156 locations globally with Wembley, all singing “All You Need is Love.” We have identified gestures that are more universal and the concept of having three “Wise Couples” present gifts to the symbolic new baby to parallel the Christian birth story but in a fresh way.

5.     A first-class global broadcast team that can produce broadcast-quality TV and chart-topping music, while tapping a large library of material on the larger Shift on earth. This team is now coming together.

I am particularly excited by the waves of unification that will happen, hopefully at each hour, as the noon apex time works its way around the world, from Australia to Hawaii. I love the vision of highlighting spiritual practices from every major lineage to bless us with a unified sense of global family.  After having had some experience with collective meditations via my friend David Nicol at, it’s clear to me that these moments can be very powerful for participants and quite possibly for our world.

The time is now to activate your vision.  If we’re literally at a pivotal moment for marking the birth of a new era, how do you want to spend it?  What best engages your own creativity and passions?

As you activate your vision, remember to put it on the map of global hubs so others can be drawn in as well:

Finally, I want to invite you to a special call entitled “The Beginning is Near” with Barbara Marx Hubbard and myself today at noon Pacific.  We’ll explore the leading edge of this work at greater depth and share about the important Agents of Conscious Evolution Training starting next Wednesday.  Just click here for access:

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