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Discovering Your Leadership in the Birth

After witnessing last weekend’s profound Mentors’ retreat, I wanted to share some reflections on leadership. As you know, the ACE Mentor program is the most advanced training provided by Barbara for those in service to the Birth. What we’ve noticed over time and especially over the course of the weekend is that the most energized and effective Mentors—or leaders of any kind in the Birth movement—are the ones who source their own vision for leadership. In other words, they connect deeply with their soul’s calling—and then follow this impulse, passionately.

Whether that is organizing a grassroots tour that has now activated over fifty birth hubs, as Noel and Bob Marshall have done, or creating a mega-event in Tucson as Reverend Angel is now doing, or organizing a simple church gathering for the Birth, the magic happens when we find that ignition point between our soul’s calling and the larger work that we are all doing.

It’s not about us telling you what is needed or “giving orders” about how the Birth will unfold.  It’s about you finding your unique, divine spark of inspiration for the work, be it to create a small-but-mighty circle of profound meditators who will be frequency holders for the Day, or grassroots organizer who wants to help build new templates for organizing hubs. Or simply show our three-minute trailer at the home page of and place your Hub on the map as a place that will focalize this movement to create something spectacular.

It’s about harnessing the leadership you are already manifesting – at work, with your family, with friends, in the community – and taking it to the next level, connecting it to the larger work of birthing a new era.

The planetary Birth Day can help all of us take our soul’s work to the next level by providing a moment in time that we can focus energy, identify our allies, and manifest our mission in the years ahead.

Joining the ACE training or the Emergence Process Advanced Training with Barbara are two powerful ways to do that in community. But you can also activate your own community in your own way simply by accessing her book or video, or by just relying solely on your own vision. People like Bob and Noel and Angel are then working to provide all the hub facilitators with the resources you need.

We truly need all of us to be leaders to make the birth of a new era a reality.  So I encourage you to simply step in, declare it, make yourself visible, and get engaged by helping spread the word that Dec. 22 is the dawn of a new day for humanity.

Here’s a link to a page with more resources for local Hub activators.  And we do want you to share the stories of how your own leadership is evolving in this to

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