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Mexico’s Role as "Sacred Heart" for the Global Birth

A shamanic member of his family lineage once told Don Miguel Ruiz, the renowned author of The Four Agreements, that that the “sleeping giant” of humanity would someday awaken and that the sacred Aztec site of Teotihuacan would provide both a map and an important source of that awakening. Don Miguel has followed this vision over the years, bringing thousands of people to the great pyramids outside of Mexico City to explore how they offer a roadmap for our transformation. And now Miguel’s steadfast devotion to this belief has manifested in one of the most exciting initiatives planned for the Birth on December 22: A great global gathering to be held at Teotihuacan featuring top musicians—and to be held right in the shadow of the largest pyramids in our hemisphere!

To link our efforts with this initiative, I traveled two weekends ago to Mexico City to participate in a special gathering of over one hundred leaders who are envisioning Mexico’s emerging role in the great shifts ahead. Organized by Don Miguel and my friend Gabriel Nossovitch, the top personal-growth trainer in Mexico, this gathering helped build energy and momentum for the Teotihuacan initiative. At the conference, I gave a full twenty-five minute talk on the Birth—in Spanish! It was the first time I had attempted to do that and although I’m sure there were many, many errors, it felt important to honor Latin culture and to speak the “language of love” when sharing about what I intuit as Mexico’s special role as activating the Sacred Heart of the world.

The event also featured a Skype call with Barbara Marx Hubbard that left tears in her eyes and ours. Other leaders who followed shared their gifts, including one woman whose family had been embroiled in the drug cartels and who is now helping cartel members quit this criminal network, one by one.

During the conference I sensed a clear recognition that Mexico has an essential role to play in the Birth. Simply put, I think Mexican culture—given its centuries of devotion to “Our Lady of Guadalupe” and many other cultural factors—is uniquely blessed with an understanding of the heart and especially the divine feminine, which is only enhanced by its deep connection to its indigenous roots. I see great things ahead as Mexico increasingly offers us a new template for a love-based culture.

Yes, the nation of Mexico faces dire challenges that include drug-cartel violence and widespread poverty. But I see these through the lens of a curriculum that the country needs to master in order to give its most sacred gifts of love. Many at the conference spoke to the power of the Virgin of Guadalupe as a symbol of this emerging role; and it was evident that many powerful Mexican women who are trainers, teachers, and leaders in non-profit, media, and business are ready to lead the way.

What I found in the shining eyes, excited commitments, and profound hearts of all those at the event was a true feeling of family that goes beyond race and country. That is at the core of the Birth: the experience of ourselves as one global family, linked at the heart. Thank you to Mexico for leading the way forward in this Birth! We’ll share more details about the Teotihuacan event as they are available.

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