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Serving Up Heartfelt Offerings at the Pace of Grace

By Stephen Dinan, Founder of The Shift Network

We've had a wonderful spring already, with the Spring of Sustainability and Inspiring Women Summit in full gear, along with weekly new short courses (see sidebar) and a powerful new 9-month offering from spiritual teacher Thomas Huebl.

Next month we take the plunge into conscious parenting for the first time with a new summit called Parenting with Presence along with an exciting, action-oriented Summer of Peace. This July brings an offering on the frontiers of science with Ervin Laszlo. We're doing our best to offer a comprehensive approach to shifting ourselves and our world.

While our core programs are impacting thousands of lives, what excites me even more is entering a new phase as a Network with new pathways to impact our world.

For example, in the next three weeks I'm traveling to China to present at the World Cultural Forum and then to New York with the Evolutionary Leaders, where we'll have a chance to meet with folks from the United Nations.

Both of these trips offer opportunities to create solutions on a larger scale. In China, I am advocating for a 2050 plan in which China takes on a real leadership role in the shift to a peaceful, sustainable, healthy, and prosperous world. I'll be showing how that can happen in each of our main pillars: peace, sustainability, health, and prosperity.

In New York, I've been spearheading the development of a Council for Evolutionary Solutions that will bridge from the grassroots to the global. The idea is to have a replicable form that harvests innovative solutions, hones them, and amplifies them, delivering them into the hands of decision-makers.

What links both together is the opportunity to look more deeply at how to create tipping point solutions to our global challenges. How can we harvest the best wisdom and solutions from the grassroots level? How can countries lead the way in the Shift?

In the next issue, we will particularly focus on the critical role of China, harvesting from my trip there. My inner guidance has been clear that China will play a central role in how we are able to shift to a new era. As they go through their accelerated evolution as a country, we need to remember to be allies and friends in this process, sharing what we know so that they can make a healthy transition, especially as they grow into the world's largest economy by 2020.

On the other side of 2012, I've been feeling a more spacious sense of vision and a deeper sense of trust that it is unfolding in divine timing. The Shift is underway and we are all threads in the weaving of this majestic tapestry. There isn't time to dawdle. But there also isn't a need to rush in a way that destroys our peace of mind. Let's all serve up our heartfelt offerings at the pace of grace.

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