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Envisioning the Shift—All the Way to the Year 2050

By Stephen Dinan, Founder of The Shift Network

Spring is upon us, and growth is in the air!

In addition to having an abundance of freshly-launched goodness we’re blessed to share with the world, such as the Spring of Sustainability now underway to the Inspiring Women Summit starting Saturday, our team had the opportunity to come together, celebrate our first 3 years and plan for the next 37.

That’s right, we did some visioning into what our company looks like in the year 2050, at the tail end of any of our active careers.  Opening our minds to our potential legacy was illuminating and energizing.  I found it liberating to dream into how much blessing, healing, awakening, and societal change work we could have helped catalyze by then.

The vision that came is of a vast global network of sacred global citizens, empowering change through local residential communities, centers, and hubs into this new era built on oneness.  We see powerful media offering the best of the emerging world - including Shift Films, Shift TV, Shift Radio, and Shift Mobile - all connected to a University that is training and certifying people as change agents to propel the shift.  At the core is a process of initiation combining the best of spiritual traditions from the world over, from a Christing Academy to a mystery school for women.

The idea to focus on 2050 first during our strategy retreat came to me in meditation.  While I was resistant at first, it actually relaxed me as it gave a horizon of time in which SO much is possible and which also forced us to think beyond our individual contributions.  I’ve often tried to make big things happen on too short of horizons, which can create stress.

But on our first night, we started a process of all opening to higher guidance (courtesy of Tim Kelley’s work), which wove into the whole visioning retreat.  Several people got the guidance to “be patient because it will take longer than you think”) which further encouraged us in this direction. 

Over the course of several days, we found a delightful rhythm between blue-sky visioning and brainstorming in each area with breakout groups and synthesizing as a vision circle, concluding with a last few minute tune in for higher guidance.  The result was a lovely rhythm of visioning, strategizing, listening, and forming a council for moving forward.

I felt proud of the innermost team that has worked so hard the last three years to build a platform for empowering a planetary shift.  And I felt awed by the many people who have already been drawn to the vision that we CAN cocreate heaven on earth.  In our lifetimes.  Person by person.  Community by community.  It’s time for the harvest of millions of years of evolution and the creation of a truly beautiful world in which extreme poverty is vanquished, war becomes a thing of the past, and we remember that we are one human family.

I am excited by what lies ahead!  And we have much, much more that we’ll be bringing forward in the years to come.  Thanks for joining with us in this early phase and linking your commitment to a better world with ours.

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