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After the Birth, Nurturing the Baby

By Stephen Dinan, Founder of The Shift Network

Let’s celebrate our achievement! We’ve marked an important transitional moment for our world—the Birth of a new era—and have done so with a spirit of love, prayer, and unity.

With hundreds of events unifying millions of like-hearted souls in positive intentions from Dec. 20-22, there was something profoundly beautiful seeded into the collective mind of humanity: a possibility for a new kind of world that truly works for all.

But now, as Marianne Williamson reminded us during the Gala, the real work begins.  Birth is profoundly challenging, as is parenting. Nurturing the “new child” is going to take some committed effort. Growth and development take time. A baby emerges from its dramatic birth transition needing help, nurturance, and love as it builds new capacities.

Part of the real work involves raising more money to defray the lingering expenses of the Birth. If you haven’t yet, please tune into your heart and see if you are called to help: click here to contribute.

In particular, raising additional resources will help us get the huge amount of recorded media from the Birth processed and available for everyone to enjoy. We now possess a wealth of information about building the new world, piece by piece, and we want to make that content widely available, from the remote location videos to the Vision Stage dialogues to the recording Gala itself. Your generous outpouring of financial assistance so far gets us closer than ever to that goal.

“Emergence 2020”: A Refinement of the Vision

Our task now is to keep a crystal-clear focus on the vision of what we are creating and then build the structures that will turn the excitement of the Birth into an enduring Shift to a new era.

My sense has long been that 2012 is the ignition point for this longer phase-change for planet earth, with the year 2020 offering an important marker for when the deeper changes emerge in a more complete way. So we’re now envisioning what we will call “Emergence 2020.” This will include the celebration of a major shift point each year on the anniversary of the Birth as a way to focus our collective intention.

2020 gives us a marker point that allows us to focus on the deeper changes. Before launching The Shift Network, I created the “Vision 2020” Powerpoint for that very reason: to show how we can make the shift real in this decade. In the last few days, I have done a major update to this presentation that includes all of our work to date. View it in its entirety here.

Of course, no presentation of this sort can cover everything, as there are millions of initiatives to weave together. So the idea is simply to “grok” that the deeper shift of the world’s operating system is possible if enough of us commit to making it real. We’re one hundred percent committed to this general vision at the Shift Network, building on everything we have launched in our first three years to create global impact.

That’s why we’re so excited by our new programs in 2012, such as Barbara’s Agents of Conscious Evolution Training (new and improved, with early-reg discount until Monday!), which trains people in the core understanding needed for making personal, group, and collective shifts. Our Winter of Wellness program offers forty of the best mind-body-spirit pioneers to give us all a radiant new foundation for health. We’ll also have courses soon with Anodea Judith, don Miguel Ruiz, Gay Hendricks, and Thomas Hubl. George Kao’s Enlightened Business Academy starts this month as well.

In short, it’s roll-up-our-sleeves time as we move from the ecstasy and challenge of the Birth into the day-to-day needs for parenting the vulnerable little baby of a new earth that is just barely opening its eyes and getting familiar with its surroundings.

The movement is growing. More hubs are forming. Individuals are shifting into a higher stage of consciousness. Businesses are growing to serve the Shift. Every day, there’s a bit more progress. Balancing that slow and steady progress with the ecstasy of a “peak” moment is the essence of the spiritual path.

Many of us experienced a profound glimpse of what is possible with Birth 2012 as people around the world unified. Now we are on a new plateau, where the steady, long-term work of integrating the peak and building new capacities is underway.

A lot of our success will depend on community. It was interesting to me that the first week of January had double the rate of new friendships on Shift Movement if compared to any other time in our history—indicating that the building of new forms of community is underway! If you haven’t joined yet, you can do so here and start to build more friendships and allies for the Shift.

I’m delighted that we’ve joined together for this critical transitional time.  I know that we’re all in this for the long haul and are deeply committed to being loving parents of the new era.

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