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We all know that unconditional love is one of the great goals of the transformational path.

And yet, too often, our attempts to find an overflowing source of love that is not dependent on outer circumstances prove fruitless.

Spiritual teachers may call this kind of love your “divine birthright” and even say platitudes such as “love is all there is,” while psychologists talk about it as the hallmark of healthy adulthood. But the truth is that it is often quite hard to feel it.

Instead, we are aware of the swirl of self-judging thoughts, muddied emotions, and the drama that manifests in our relationships – which can often feel anything but loving.

Finding a steady stream of unconditional love can thus seem like an impossible goal. Even if you are a dedicated seeker, you can find yourself struggling with a sense of incompleteness – of not having found the wholeness you are seeking.

That’s because there is an aspect of your growth that is rarely – if ever – addressed by the methods available, and that is the ability for us to truly love different parts of yourself and to create a secure internal bond between them.

The lack of this secure bonding is at the core of a remarkable number of challenges you face, ranging from relationship struggles to addiction, anxiety and depression. Underneath, there is almost always a place where you are rejecting yourself without even realizing it.

If we judge ourselves for this self-abandonment, we tend to compound the problem and exaggerate the lack of self-love. That’s why so many purely cognitive approaches don’t work.

It’s time for a new approach, one that blends spiritual practices like mindfulness with psychological science. And that approach is Inner Bonding, co-founded by psychologist Margaret Paul.

“Inner bonding really nurtures and fosters the relationship between self and spirit. Personally it has helped every relationship that I have. I’m so grateful to Margaret for bringing inner bonding to people in the generous, nurturing way that she has.”

– Alanis Morissette, Singer-Songwriter

Before inventing the Inner Bonding methodology, Margaret reached a point in her private practice where she was frustrated by the lack of real progress being made by clients. Ever since its creation, Inner Bonding has gained in stature and importance as a powerful method for creating the internal self-love that is the hallmark of psychological and spiritual health (and which results in far more satisfying relationships).

During this special call event, you’ll learn some of the most important foundational insights and practices in this approach that you can apply to cultivating true and lasting self-love – the best foundation for going beyond addictions, dramas and dysfunctions of many kinds.

One way of understanding this method is to think about how psychology has shown that different levels of secure attachment are essential for a developing child. When we don’t have the attachments we need, that leaves parts of us feeling left out and rejected – parts of our personality and self that were not seen, embraced or loved by our parental figures.

Instead of seeing this as a hopeless scenario, Inner Bonding uses a specific, 6-step methodology to establish clear, loving connections between these different aspects of our consciousness.

In this special call event with Margaret Paul – and one of her more famous supporters, singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette – you’ll learn how to dialogue with your feelings, pain, anxiety and fear, as well as get to the core of self-abandonment.

You’ll see how you can start connecting to higher guidance around your beliefs and take loving actions that reinforce positive shifts.

You’ll also:

  • Get a whole new understanding of what is causing depression and anxiety
  • Discover how to use self-love, instead of food, to fill emptiness
  • Approach new relationships from a stance of fullness rather than neediness
  • Make advances in healing core shame
  • Move out of stagnation into a life of aliveness, passion and sense of purpose.
  • Learn how to share love rather than get love.

Join us for an illuminating and helpful hour-long seminar!

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold, nor shared without your permission.

About Margaret Paul

Margaret Paul is the author/co-author of several bestselling books, including Do I Have To Give Up Me to Be Loved By You?, Inner Bonding, Healing Your Aloneness, The Healing Your Aloneness Workbook, Do I Have To Give Up Me to Be Loved By My Kids? and Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By God? Dr. Paul’s books have been distributed around the world and have been translated into eleven languages.

Margaret holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is a relationship expert, noted public speaker, workshop leader, educator, chaplain, consultant and artist. She has appeared on many radio and TV shows, including The Oprah Show. She has successfully worked with thousands of individuals, couples and business relationships and taught classes and seminars since 1967.

Margaret continues to work with individuals and couples throughout the world. She is able to access spiritual Guidance during her sessions, which enables her to work with people wherever they are in the world. Margaret is passionate about helping people rapidly heal the root cause of their pain and learn the path to joy and loving relationships.

About Alanis Morissette

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada and Germany, Alanis Morissette played piano, wrote songs and discovered a love of words and dance at an early age. At ten she joined the cast of You Can’t Do That On Television, a popular children’s television program. She used some of the money she made on that show to start a record company with a friend and fund an independent single called “Fate Stay With Me.” When her time on the show was over, Morissette signed a publishing contract and eventually a record deal with MCA Canada, releasing the album Alanis in 1991, for which she won Canada’s Juno Award for Most Promising Female Artist. Her follow-up album, Now Is The Time, was released the following year

Among a breadth of charity work, Morissette especially finds time to support environmental causes and organizations, such as Reverb, a non-profit that helps musicians and music fans to achieve environmental sustainability through carbon-neutral initiatives. Morissette was one of the first artists to have her Feast on Scraps CD and DVD materials on recycled paper. Initially she paid for this out of her own pocket, but now it’s becoming an industry standard. Her passions also include women’s issues and artists’ rights on behalf of which she has written several articles as well as spoken to congress.

A dozen years after the world first turned on to Alanis Morissette, a more mature artist remains committed to her creative path and a strong desire to help others on theirs. “I live to HEAL ruptures and bridge the human and the divine aspects of life, and I hope that by sharing my own experiences, I can support people in their personal journeys, wherever they may be at,” she explains. “Otherwise I’d just sing songs in the shower and take up gardening.”