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Caroline Casey
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Free yourself (and others) through mythological magic and become a more potent catalyst
for evolution.

Has the endless bickering of Presidential politics been getting your goat? Do you find yourself arguing with your TV or muttering about “what is this world coming to?”

Well then you may need to free yourself from doom-and-gloom with the trickster power symbolized by Uranus, the revolutionary fire that destabilizes the status quo with humor and hilarity.

Trickster does not stay depressed by the status quo (no matter how dreadful) but instead always seeks to liberate us and our world from outdated idea, habits, and ideals.

Trickster does this not through violence but through the power of unpredictability: of thought, word and deed. Indeed, there is no prison for the unexpected.

As we ally with Trickster’s liberating magic, we compost our conditioning into nutrients for a personal Renaissance. We become enthusiastically available to participate in the High Renaissance that is emerging from the dominance of destruction.

This is such a powerful time where everything we do, think and feel tips the balance between devastation and powerful beauty.

The ancient forms of navigational guidance are coming alive again in fresh language, eager to guide us all back into the Choreography of Creation. Co-Operators Are Standing By!

We see that our Zeitgeist is encouraged by the larger shifts in the planets; as we read the signs and align with the forces at play, we are guided to transform our dystopian despair into Utopian Vision.

With a mythological frame of reference, we gain access to a much wider wave of consciousness to ride in the service of evolution. We learn to play on the leading edge with less angst and more delight.

Instead of engaging angry protests, we learn to dance with the collective mood, freeing ourselves and our world in the process.

Trickster is one of the greatest teachers of the spiritual path AND the path of social influence. With Trickster backing you up, you can defuse conflicts, levitate into laughter and transform situations with verbal aikido.

So in the name of your freedom, we invite you to a truly unique online event with a dazzlingly unpredictable agent of change: Caroline Casey, maestra of what she calls the “astro*mytho* guiding meta-narrative,” who will take you into the heart of Trickster Medicine and Astrological Magic.

If you want a far saner form of reverence to lead our society, then it’s time for the Trickster to work magic in your life and turn you into the change agent you were meant to be. Magic is simply a willingness to collaborate with everything; so we move our emotional default-setting of “status quo” to “Woof-Woof-Wanna-Play?!”

In this frolicking, one-hour virtual event with one of the world’s great magic-makers, you’ll dive into the power of Trickster energy and:

  • Discern the difference between superstition and ritual magic, with a brief history of liberating spiritual practices, including astrology.
  • Gain working principles for magic, which is simply a willingness to cooperate with everything.
  • Learn to distinguish between the con man and the trickster (HINT: the con man imprisons while the trickers liberates).
  • See how to love disharmony back into harmony and expand your capacity to cooperate with living qualities of nature.
  • Practice pragmatic mysticism and applied divination: how to decode and attune one’s ears so everything is telling us its story.
  • Discover the metaphysics of the mundane, adjust your vision such that things that were invisible become visible.
  • See how to enter into an increased field of synchronicity, how do we avail ourselves of that.

Whether you are a seeker on the spiritual path, a veteran activist or a curious evolutionary, you’ll delight in the ways that Caroline illumines your path to your true Self and a more magical world.

She’s been at the forefront of new-paradigm spirituality and in the trenches of Washington, DC politics since she was a wee little girl. She’s informed by astrological wizardry and social change-savvy, as well as a good dose of myth.

Her mind weaves a remarkable number of threads per minute into a new tapestry of possibility, all helping you to find true freedom.

Register for this exhilarating hour when you’ll also hear about a new online program she will be leading called The Trickster Training Mystery School, a dynamic path of Pragmatic Mysticism, Democratic Animism and Applied Divination.

What People Are Saying about Caroline Casey

I recently did a radio interview on KPFA out of San Francisco with a woman named Caroline Casey which was pretty much the most fun interview I’ve ever done — a sort of astral-cosmic freewheeling romp through big ideas. It was definitely the only interview I’ve ever done where I was writing down what SHE was saying as we spoke.
– Elizabeth Gilbert, Author

You are so cool.
– Marianne Williamson, Spiritual Teacher

What a fantabulous menu of guiding delight, portending rowdy unravelling and purposeful reconfiguration!!! Bless you for bringing these unique and timely gifts to our woe filled world, resurrecting deep aspirations to soar, transforming darkness into opportunities for new perception, all fueled by love — for this precious consciousness, when it sees clearly it is exquisite.
– Diane T.

I am re-listening to our conversation. I feel like a weaver meeting a master Navajo weaver. Deep fun and learning! The threads you pull together of (gold and moss and ideas) and the patterns you create have given me a tapestry of great beauty, a cloak of protection, and a vision of what is possible. Even more amazing, I feel personally seen and honored by your words and insights. It is a rare and precious experience, to be truly seen.
– Renée S.

I am still taking in the beautiful fullness of the reading you did for me... by the lights of the grand fire dance in the heavens right now. Thank you so much for the depths of your diving on my behalf. I appreciate your lovely and precise way with the world and your heart-full commitment to a sane, reverent life with a wonderful life for all children. I share your words with many and these describe the pillars of my life since forever. With grateful awe of the circle spiraling and your gift of astro-insight,
– Deborah Z.

About Caroline Casey:

Caroline W. Casey is the host-creator, weaver of context for The Visionary Activist Show on Pacifica Radio Network. Her guests are leading contributors to a culture of reverent ingenuity, all teased into pertinence, and has been called “one of the best radio shows in America.” Critique and solution.

She has studied and practiced in many Mystery Schools, Quaballah, Gurdjieff, Zen Buddhism, Zen Swordsmanship, acquired a BA from Brown University in Myth, Fairy Tales and World Religions, studied Grail Legend with late great mythologist Joseph Campbell and cahooted with late Jungian Trickster James Hillman — and more. What was academic to them, we can now embody.

Her unique art of astro* mythological* political* guiding* meta-storytelling is presented in myriad multimedia venues. Primary astrological consultant for Time-Life Books’ 1989 book Cosmic Connections, she has offered mythological-astrological news analysis on ABC’s Nightline, CNN’s Crossfire, in People Magazine and many other media outlets. She has written astrological-political essays for Washingtonian Magazine as well as an astrological-political column for George magazine. Her audio book, Visionary Activist Astrology is published by Sounds True. She is the author of Making the Gods Work for You: The Astrological Language of the Psyche.

Caroline offers Trickster Training Council weekly teleclass as well as councils at a wide variety of conferences all over America as well as in South Africa (presenting at the Parliament of World Religions), Bali, Sweden, UK, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Caribbean, British Columbia. A rousing and frequent keynote speaker, offering the Mythic News at the Bioneers Conference (for over a decade), Green Festivals, New Living Expo, etc. and with the great poet-ally Robert Bly for over 11 years at his Great Mother Conference. Caroline invites us to imagine, conjure and implement a more lovingly ingenious world.

She continues her studies of magic, mythology, literature and social activism all over the world.