From Spiritual Struggle to Living in Grace
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With Spiritual Teacher
Miranda Macpherson
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Are you ready to stop seeking, drop your struggle and open to a new depth of being that is powerfully loving, liberated and wise?

Grace is way more than just a beautiful state that fills your heart with gratitude.

Grace is the direct experience of Divine Presence coming alive within you. It re-connects you to the essential qualities of your true nature, which are boundless love, awareness, peace, strength and joy.

When you’re in its flow, you start to experience yourself in and as part of the love that animates this world — truly able to move beyond the consciousness of fear and separation.

You become aware of the hidden blessings in each moment and receive spiritual nourishment that allows you to navigate everyday stresses and serious challenges with greater ease.

In a state of grace, you have the support — from within — to walk the path of awakening with greater patience and courage, all the while, living more harmoniously and joyfully in everyday life.

Real spiritual awakening, as it turns out, isn’t about achieving some special state as much as fully relaxing into what is, and making peace with all parts of ourselves — and all that life hands us.

This is how Grace comes alive within you and brings the blessings and support necessary to live in spiritual depth and be of benefit to others.

Miranda Macpherson is a profound spiritual teacher who guides us beyond the contractions, distortions and emotional frustration inherent in our struggle, to open into who we truly are.

Her method centers around what she calls “ego relaxation,” the practice that guides us in how to surrender in and through our direct experience of life with love — instead of trying to beat ourselves into spiritual shape.

This is far from collapsing into self-rejection or being passive — behavioral patterns or defenses we may have picked up.

When we let grace in, we discover how to dance with our sincerity, willingness, devotion and humility as we engage in our spiritual practices — not an agenda of trying to fix or improve our self or simply get out of our own way.

Beyond attachment and fear, craving and aversion, you can view and embrace everything that’s happening — even difficulties — as the unfolding of grace.

You surrender into the invitations of your life and the burdens of your mind drop down into the abundant love of your heart.

You start to see the depth, beauty and spiritual gifts in all that life brings as well as in your connections with those around you.

During From Spiritual Struggle to Living in Grace, Miranda will guide you in opening to the grace that lives at the very heart of your being.

You’ll discover how to see the world through loving eyes and how to embrace your life challenges as powerful gateways into true fulfillment and freedom.

During this heart-opening hour with Miranda, you’ll:

  • Recognize the source of spiritual struggle within you and start opening to the boundless love that resolves it
  • Learn the power of doing nothing by truly being in the present, relaxing subtle control, and allowing what is
  • Open to receive Grace beyond your mind, through prayer
  • Understand how everything that appears to be an obstacle can be turned into a gateway to greater awakening
  • Discover how to be still and take a deeper “seat” in your meditation practice

Miranda offers a distinctly feminine perspective on awakening — applicable to both men and women — informed by her own experiences as well as her exhaustive study of depth psychology and the world’s mystical traditions.

She teaches us that through profound self-recognition and spiritual practice we can elevate our awareness and experience every moment as an invitation to live in grace — and that we can return back to this inward dwelling place of truth, peace and clarity whenever we need to.

Join us for a special hour with this beloved Australian-born spiritual teacher and discover how to be human and open to and live from awakened consciousness.

What People Are Saying About Miranda Macpherson...

In an ocean of spiritual guides all over the planet, rarely do you find a jewel that emanates the likes of Miranda’s integrity, depth and impact. Rooted in the world’s wisdom traditions, yet contemporary and fluid in her approach to assist awakening to the One during these highly complex and challenging times, Miranda is the epitome of what we most need in a postmodern spiritual guide: kick-ass honesty, no nonsense mirroring, and rock star tenderness. Whether you access her teachings through her moving meditations, satsangs, retreats or virtual courses, Miranda will leave an indelible impression that will have your friends wondering how you became so present, compassionate and mindful so quickly.
Gary Malkin, Emmy Award-winning composer/producer

Miranda Macpherson embodies a deep compassion and wisdom, vast intelligence, and the ability to hold a space for genuine unfolding like nobody else I’ve known. Spending a week with her is like diving into the source of love and healing, anchored by deep spiritual practice and connection to the divine. Miranda is a rare gift to us all.
Devi Cavitt Razo, Director of the Hoffman Process

Miranda is the “real deal.” She is a standout as a spiritual teacher and she is a “stand up” as an individual in that she truly walks her talk. Life is not perfect, and Miranda lives that with a grace and authenticity that is unparalleled by many teachers. If there is such a thing as angels walking the earth, then Miranda is one. Do not be mistaken in assuming her softness and beauty is as deep as she goes. Miranda is a powerhouse and a force for change in this world.
Laura Bergman Fortgang, Author of Living Your Best Life

Miranda is one of the clearest, purest, most eloquent voices for spiritual truth I know. She courageously shares both gritty challenges and lofty visions, and weaves them into powerful teachings from which we can all benefit.
Alan Cohen, Author of A Deep Breath of Life

Miranda’s presence and teaching bring to life the spiritual wisdom of the ages. In my life, she is a shining light.
Susan Jeffers, Author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

About Miranda Macpherson

Miranda Macpherson is a contemporary spiritual teacher, counselor and author of the spiritual guidebook, Boundless Love. She has been teaching internationally since 1995, and is known for her depth of presence, clarity and refined capacity to guide people into direct experience of the sacred.

Miranda’s work is a synthesis of self-inquiry, spiritual psychology, devotion and meditation practice offered with feminine grace that embraces our everyday human experience as a gateway into the depths of our true nature. Through a blend of silent transmission and articulate teaching, she leads ongoing programs oriented to guiding people into direct spiritual experience while providing a practical map for actualizing our realization into daily life.

Drawing from the ancient lineages of Advaita and mystical Christianity, as well as from more recent wisdom teachings such as A Course In Miracles, Miranda leads from the ground of unconditional love and compassion for our humanity, emphasizing receptivity, discrimination and surrender.

Today Miranda leads the “Awakening Love and Wisdom” sangha in Marin and Sonoma counties, Northern California. She teaches retreats in the United States and Europe, and is working on a new book, The Way of Grace: The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation.

Miranda has been teaching fulltime for over two decades, and founded the “OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation,” a training for interfaith ministers and spiritual counselors, in London. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Bob Duchmann, a teacher of the Diamond Approach (A.H. Almaas’ Ridhwan School).