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A Free Online Event
with Renowned Global Peacebuilder
James O’Dea
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Have you wondered how to apply what you’ve learned on a spiritual path to the practical challenges of addressing pain, suffering and polarization?

Do you want to really bring healing, illumination and hope into the world?

When you hear Jesus’ phrase, “blessed are the peacemakers,” are you inspired to become the kind of person who is spreading peace wherever you go?

Then the emerging field of spiritual peacemaking has important gifts for you that can help heal your own heart and the hearts of those around you.

Spiritual peacemaking is not just a nice idea: It has more power to create real and lasting change than anything that has come before, because it addresses change in an integrated way, going fully into the core of our being – our souls, our karma – even the subtle energy fields that connect us.

Spiritual peacemaking also unifies realms that have often been seen as separate – spiritual practice, psychology, social science and activism – into one integrated approach for addressing some of our world’s deepest wounds in a holistic way.

James O’Dea has done more to advance the emergence of this new discipline than perhaps any other global peacebuilder, blending insights from his decades of spiritual practice with lineages from the Sufis to the Kogis, to his time at the frontlines of social and scientific evolution at Amnesty International and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

He is offering a clear vision for a new generation of spiritual peacemakers and the practical guidance that we can apply in the messy complexities of situations of pain, conflict and longstanding karma.

In this free online event, James will unveil some of the most advanced insights and practices for how to work with challenging situations in a spiritually attuned and sophisticated way.

This work has practical application to situations such as family challenges, work conflict and community stalemates. Whether you face dramatic situations or chronic but subtle areas of suffering, his approach will illuminate a non-dualistic path that meets violence with love, brokenness with non-judgement, and bullying with skillful communication.

He’ll chart a path for how you can transform your areas of greatest challenge with wisdom, love and newfound competence.

You’ll learn:

  • How to take the Journey of the Spiritual Peacemaker: Discover the new synergistic work of inner and outer evolution and how to cultivate the powers and capacities needed for effective peacemaking and expanding your inner journey.
  • The “Mountain Arresting” Approach: Develop the resilience and insight needed to thrive as a peacemaker when you are obstructed, injured and challenged.
  • Keys to Mastering the Maze of Projection: Uncover your own deep-seated projections and dissolve the power others’ projections have over you, accessing the clarity needed to master your life and work.
  • To Access Your Spiritual Compass: Deepen the process of receiving guidance, accessing attunement, reading energy and setting direction for spiritually empowered peacemaking in your life.

Join us for an inspiring and practical hour of learning from a master spiritual peacemaker who will show all of us how we can co-create a far more harmonious and healthy world.

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold, nor shared without your permission.

About James O’Dea

James O’Dea is award-winning author of Cultivating Peace. He is lead faculty for the Shift Network’s acclaimed global Peace Ambassador Training. He has conducted frontline social healing dialogues around the world for many years. He is former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Washington office director of Amnesty International and CEO of the Seva Foundation. James is a member of The Evolutionary Leaders group and is on several advisory boards, such as The Peace Alliance and Kosmos Journal. His next book The Conscious Activist – where activism meets mysticism – will be released in December 2014. James is also a mystic who is passionate about global transformation and has a special interest in Meher Baba’s evolutionary vision and in Sufism. He is followed extensively in social media and lectures widely. James grew up in Ireland and England, has seen war and human rights violations in a number of the world’s hotspots and currently resides in the visionary community of Crestone in Colorado.