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Go beyond emotional intelligence to discover the deep spiritual wisdom in your emotions and unlock greater freedom, peace and energy.

Emotional wellbeing is a key factor in satisfying relationships, successful careers, fulfilling relationships — even in expressing our creativity.

And, if you’ve ever faced depression, anxiety, or other symptoms of “stuck” emotions, you know how tough life can be. If your emotions get stuck, it can feel quite dark and hopeless, at times...and that can bewith a spiritual practice!

What you may not know, is that your brain is actually wired to block the very emotions that can liberate more energy, love and creativity within you...

So no matter how many gratitude lists you make, prayers you say, or satsangs you participate in, stuck emotions... stay stuck.

As helpful as they can be, many teachings (especially spiritual) minimize or dismiss the role of emotions in the process of transformation, focusing most often on witnessing or transcending them.

What if these paths for releasing you from the “bondage of self,” were actually limiting your freedom and compromising your spiritual growth?

What if there was a more sophisticated way to relate to your emotions as an actual repository of spiritual intelligence that can guide you to a life of grace and joy?

Only by connecting with your emotions and embodying them fully, can you experience the kind of vulnerability that allows you to be more present in your life and relationships.

By becoming aware of and following the shifting energetic terrain of your emotions in your body, you can discover profound freedom — liberation from resistance, reactivity, the revolving door of relationships (same relationship, different person), and even addictions and compulsions.

Raphael Cushnir, bestselling author of The One Thing Holding You Back, has developed a proven process for working with emotions to free you from the clutches of fear, old traumas and envy — leaving you more connected to your body, your heart and others.

And while we’ve been told Emotional Intelligence is one of the keys to career advancement and other forms of success, it’s not enough to simply know what you’re feeling, you must experience the emotion to release resistance and passionately engage with your life.

Raphael’s unique teachings have been celebrated by thousands and recognized by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra — because his methods work.

During The Spiritual Intelligence of Your Emotions, you’ll discover a new way to relate to your emotions — with respect and curiosity, and surrender instead of resistance.

You’ll receive essential practices to help you unlock the core of grief, sadness, shame or other challenging emotions that may have plagued you for a lifetime.

You’ll begin to embrace your emotions for the gift they truly are — the keys to true intimacy and a vibrant life.

As Raphael says, “Our vulnerability, in a sublime paradox, is what renders us truly invincible.”

During this one-hour event, you’ll discover:

  • How to recognize and release your resistance to emotion
  • The evolutionary glitch in your brain that won’t let you fully feel negative emotions
  • How you can rewire this glitch for maximum healing and wellbeing
  • The 3 distinct layers of the brain — reptilian, limbic and neo-cortex — and how we can align with our emotional wiring patterns
  • How to break through the barrier that keeps even advanced spiritual practitioners from self-realization

Join us for a liberating hour with an empowering transformational teacher! You’ll also learn about an upcoming 7-week program in which you can go much further in unlocking your emotions as the gateway to your soul and vulnerability.

What People Are Saying About Raphael Cushnir...

Emotions are so often misunderstood. Raphael Cushnir shows us how to connect with our feelings and move past the obstacles that can block our way.
— Deepak Chopra , Author of Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment

Cushnir introduces fascinating and iconoclastic ideas about health and healing... [and] argues, “Emotions are physical. Our bodies are the only places they can ever be found.”
— Publishers Weekly

Both clear and practical, honest and wise. Cushnir can help us plumb life’s mystery and joy.
— Lama Surya Das

Cushnir’s method is deceptively simple considering the magic it unleashes.
— Gwen Gordon , Transformation Consultant

About Raphael Cushnir

Raphael Cushnir is a leading voice in the world of emotional connection and present moment awareness. He has shared his unique approach to personal and professional development with millions of readers in O, The Oprah Magazine, Beliefnet, Spirituality and Health and The Huffington Post. He is the author of several books including The One Thing Holding You Back: Unleashing The Power of Emotional Connection, Unconditional Bliss: Finding Happiness in the Face of Hardship, Setting Your Heart on Fire and How Now: 100 Ways to Celebrate the Present Moment. He lectures worldwide and is a faculty member of the Esalen Institute, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. In addition, he coaches individuals and teams at Fortune 100 companies, governments, religious organizations and leading nonprofits.

After working his way through school as a teacher and a storyteller, Cushnir redirected his energies as an activist for the environment and human rights. He devised innovative media campaigns that included such celebrities as Madonna, Pearl Jam, Demi Moore and Michael J. Fox. His passion for filmmaking led to a decade-long stint in Hollywood. He wrote, directed and produced a Showtime movie, Sexual Healing, starring Helen Hunt, Anthony Edwards and Jason Alexander. The film was nominated for two Cable Ace awards and won Grand Prize at the Houston Film Festival. Designed by Cushnir as a not-for-profit venture, it raised over $30,000 for the Minority AIDS Project.

In 1996, both his career and his marriage fell apart. "It was a classic dark night of the soul," he remembers. "Many people experience something similar in their own lives. The particulars are always different but the essential experience is the same — a deep, depressing, gut-wrenching pain. In my case, everything I thought I knew about life went completely out the window."

Then, luckily, one of Cushnir’s mentors convinced him to embrace the pain instead of turn away from it. He suggested that, in fact, this was a perfect opportunity to "wake up."

Cushnir took his mentor’s advice and ran with it. Over a decade later he’s waking up still, one moment at a time. Helping others do the same has become his new life mission.