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Featuring Sacred Sexuality Teacher & Renowned Coach
Lisa Schrader
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Want to liberate a more passionate YOU — so you can pulse with sensual delight — and literally adore yourself, your lover and your career?

Do you desire a life built on inspiration rather than arduous effort, magnetic joy rather than suffering, and divine power rather than stressful effort?

What we’re describing is a life infused with Shakti, the primal life-force of the Feminine Face of God. It’s a life infused with YOU as you truly want to be — embracing your body and world as a garden to savor, instead of a chore to be handled.

If you’re like many women navigating modern-living, you may feel like the adventurous passion which makes life so pleasurable has been buried under a laundry list of “shoulds”, and often find yourself crawling into bed depleted at a soul-level.

However, when you know how awaken to your full Shakti, you become an unstoppable force — not because you try harder — but because you are more radiant. You charm life by loving it rather than trying to push it.

And this makes all the difference in creating delicious relationships that bring more passion and power into your life instead of draining you. And that applies in the boardroom just as much as in the bedroom (although we confess, the bedroom is far more fun...).

The truth is that we are happier and more whole when we live in a way that aligns with our feminine energy — our Shakti. It’s a vast and often misunderstood power that courses through our veins, fills our hearts and infuses our sexuality.

Without connection to it, we feel diminished and lost; with greater access to it, life becomes joy-gasmic.

Shakti is the creative force of the universe itself, but, unfortunately, we’re never taught how to align with it, revel in and channel it as our power Source.

Lisa Schrader is committed to changing this, not only for you (if you choose), but for millions of women. She was the first sacred sexuality teacher invited to speak on Oprah for a reason: Unlike so many ungrounded New Age teachers, she’s accessible, real, and speaks openly about the ups and downs of her own sexual awakening journey.

Lisa has been a homemaker and doting mother. She’s been a successful entrepreneur and a leading coach. She hasn’t lived in some remote ashram, so she faces the same daily challenges we all do.

However, one major difference in her life has dramatically impacted the the quality of Lisa’s days: She’s discovered the keys for accessing the sacred sensual energy that is our birthright and the source of our greatest blessings.

Join us for a special event to awaken the joyful Shakti energy in YOU!

During this special virtual event, she’ll share with you:

  • How to use the 3 interrelated keys to “Shakti Power” at the core of all her teachings for an immediate experience of sensual aliveness and alignment
  • Why there may be nothing “wrong” with you if you find yourself giving in or giving up on sex, and ways to naturally welcome back your passion
  • Practices for connecting to the wisdom matrix inside your own body and the reasons why “gurus” fail so many awakening women
  • Ways to relax into your magnetic, effortless feminine essence and unhook from the habitual hyper-masculine striving and improving mode

What People Are Saying About Lisa Schrader...

“Working with Lisa has been transformational. Her work has put me in deeper contact with my own internal source of sustainable feminine power. She operates at a level of mastery with this work that is effective, beautiful and heartfelt. I recommend her highly.”
Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University

“Lisa has a rare gift that encourages the feminine in a safe and nurturing environment. Her wisdom, intuition and genuine love for women are always present. Her energy is positively contagious.”
— Kathryn Stoddard, Executive Vice President

“Lisa’s work is amazing. As an attorney, there are not many opportunities to connect with other professional women in such a heart-centered way so that we remember that our deepest brilliance and strength as women comes from taking time to replenish our feminine spirit.”
— Katherine M. Barker, Attorney

“Since working with Lisa, I have had leaps and bounds forward in my sexual healing journey and my self esteem. You can’t put a price on that kind of experience. And you can’t measure that kind of gift. Words fail me. I will always be grateful.”
— Sage Komisar, Singer & Songwriter

“Well, I can’t say this didn’t blow my socks off — because it did. I have never had conversations like this in my entire life — provocative, enlightening — waking me up! Much gratitude.”
— Debbie H., Lexington, KY

About Lisa Schrader

Lisa Schrader, the founder of Awakening Shakti, has impacted the lives of thousands of women for over a decade as a workshop leader, author, speaker and coach. Her work has been featured on Oprah, Oxygen and VH1. She has achieved the designation of Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and has been in private practice since 2001. Lisa leads workshops and offers a variety of online group coaching and initiation programs to international audiences.

She is a graduate of UCLA and a faculty member of The Shift Network, where she also hosts the annual Shakti Summit global teleseminar event. She writes and speaks widely and has authored many published articles and two books: Kama Sutra 52: A Year’s Worth of the Best Positions for Passion and Pleasure from Quiver Books and her own ebook, Getting Started with Tantra. Lisa has designed a sensual and abundant life that she absolutely loves in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California.