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Take your understanding of energy, consciousness, and personal evolution to the next level and build your capacity for the optimal flow of life force.

At the heart of healing is energy. Through the ages it has been called by many names; prana, chi, ki, libido, orgone energy, elan vitale. It’s at the foundation of Chinese medicine and yoga, holistic health practices and martial arts.

Star Wars simply calls it The Force.

Anodea Judith calls it CHARGE, which also offers us an illuminating acronym: Consciousness Having a Really Genuine Experience.

Charge is the source of our basic aliveness. It powers our lives, just like electricity runs our computers. We can use the charge that is available to us in positive and healthy ways or it can also short circuit us and lead to breakdown.

When you have a charge, you know it. You may be scared or excited, sexually turned on, or feel like you’re about to cry. You may be prone to worry or compulsive habits or have difficulty handling the “charge” in an argument. Maybe you’re frequently anxious and don’t know quite what to do with your charge.

OR, you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have enough charge — tasks seem overwhelming; you feel tired and sluggish, or you simply feel depressed.

Charge gets blocked when we suffer trauma and becomes out of balance when we are ill. (It is also what keeps us in relationship, for better or worse.)

These are all examples of the role charge plays in our lives.

When we learn to balance, open and integrate our charge, it leads to deep and transformative healing.

Ultimately, we all want to be in charge of our lives, utilizing and managing our life force appropriately. This means you have the ability to be in the center of your charge, no matter what’s happening. This center rises up and down your core, where the chakras reside.

Anodea Judith has spent her life studying charge. As a world-renowned workshop leader, somatic psychotherapist, writer and teacher on chakras, healing, and yoga, Anodea is now bringing forward a new set of teachings on this essential subject.

In the free teleseminar Powering Up Your Charge, Anodea will begin to transform the way you think about life, yourself, your friends, lovers, and clients. She’ll give you a new paradigm for energetic, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual healing.

You’ll receive practical teachings to apply for your personal growth or in your healing work with others, including:

  • How to expand your “comfort zone” of charge to integrate the full spectrum from quiet/meditative to ecstatic
  • Working with charge through your chakras and diagnosing where charge is getting blocked in your energy system
  • Understanding how charge moves in different character structures. For example, the Schizoid character structure is prone to getting overcharged, while the Oral is undercharged.
  • How to use your body as a storage battery for charge and store the optimal amount
  • Why charge is essential to heal any trauma you carry
  • Handling charge in relationships so that it doesn’t pull people apart

If you’ve been on a transformation path, you’re probably familiar with the notion of energy and the chakra system.

This virtual mini-workshop will take your understanding of energy and the chakras to the next level. You’ll discover ways you can make it practical for your health, relationships, and work and receive insights you can use every single day.

After nearly 40 years of teaching on the interface of psychology, energy, and consciousness and writing what are considered the definitive books on the subject (such as Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind), Anodea knows exactly what works (and what doesn’t) to engage with your charge with power and precision.

She’ll offer penetrating insights and powerful practices that can optimize the charge in your system and further awaken your consciousness.

You’ll also be the first to hear about the exciting launch of a long-term training program in this amazing work.

What People Are Saying About
Anodea Judith...

THANK YOU! You are extraordinary and such a gift. As I listened this morning I found myself weeping as there was an ’aha’ after an ’aha’ in the material you were bringing. I have studied the energy system (and psychology) in many settings and am finding that your vision and understanding is vast, yet delicately nuanced all at once. You teach with such startling clarity that all the pieces I’ve learned are being strung together into an integrated whole that makes sense on every level. I find I am healed by truth itself and am watching that jewelled necklace form in my mind and in my whole being simultaneously — I am clearer in what I know to be true, taller, brighter, stronger, more colourful. I am in my feet, my head AND in my belly, the seat of my power.

In my opinion as a therapist, Anodea is a master of mind/body integration work... she is as good as they come! She has taught me through her trainings the practice of witnessing/experiencing the "charge" in my life force, which has helped me to get grounded and locate the sacred space inside myself. With my clients, I am able to witness their charge, back off my agenda and allow the intelligence of their charge to guide the way to their opening.
– Paula Weithman, Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Dallas, TX

Anodea’s framing of charge as life force gave me a positive reference for working with many sensations in my body and that might have been pathologized or deadened by other practitioners. Just in the definition I was able to shift my consciousness. But even more impactful and empowering, was the tools she imparts to work with charge, to notice blocks, and allow for integration from this place of union with the Self.
– Julie E.

Studying charge with Anodea demystified a number of basic human processes and gave me the tools and knowledge to better understand myself and others. It also gave me greater curiosity, compassion and ability to relate successfully to others. I believe that understanding charge in the body is a high level relationship skill and a big step toward self-mastery, and it’s exciting, fun and life-changing.
– Brad Cassidy, Vancouver, BC, Canada

My prayer when I signed up for your course was that I call my life-force back to myself, learn to circulate it more skillfully so I can heal and bring my FULL self into the world with joy, freedom and creativity. This prayer is being realized with every interaction. Thank you so much. I’m very thankful that Spirit brought me to you and your work.
– Phillipa Leonard, Australia

About Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. has been writing and teaching about the Chakra System for 40 years. With a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, and a Doctorate in Mind-Body Health, her best-selling books on yoga, healing, manifesting, and social change have become global classics. Her first book, Wheels of Life, is an international standard, followed by her groundbreaking book on the psychology of the chakras, Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self, frequently used as a text in universities and healing programs.

Anodea produced an award-winning film,The Illuminated Chakras, and a double award-winning book: The Global Heart Awakens, matching the chakra system to human history and the evolution of collective consciousness. Her most recent book is Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga. She conducted a private practice in somatic psychology for twenty years, before becoming a fulltime traveler, teaching workshops and trainings worldwide, through her founding organization, Sacred Centers.