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Terry Patten
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Transform outrage and anxiety into a source of personal and political empowerment by accessing the hidden capacities of your heart, the perceptive powers of your mind, and the unstoppable strength of your spirit.

Are you feeling despair about the current political climate — not only in America but around the world?

You’re not alone.

The dramatic escalation of polarization, mass protests and assaults on democratic foundations as well as basic human decency, affects us all.

The really important question for those on a conscious path is, “How do we turn our current circumstances into a catalyst for the awakening, healing and leadership the world so desperately needs?”

In other words... how do we move beyond unproductive cycles of reactivity and begin to reframe the challenges we’re experiencing as opportunities to grow and expand our capacity to create positive change?

Aikido teacher George Leonard used to say, “Take the hit as a gift.” In fact, a “hit” or “attack” is raw energy that, if worked with correctly, can actually be deeply empowering.

The Aikido metaphor is a perfect one for our time... when so many posts in our media feeds can get our emotions boiling!

We need to transform our relationship to these circumstances so we can navigate the chaos with clarity and joy (yes, joy!).

There’s a real urgency for us to awaken to this next level of consciousness and take positive actions to help our families, communities and countries navigate the perilous times ahead.

And yet, as a conscious person, you might wonder if the current activism you’re witnessing is needlessly polarizing, melodramatic and even corrosive. It might feel cathartic, but is it opening other hearts and minds to new possibilities?

What if instead, you could become fully engaged in a way that brings more wholeness, enlightenment and freedom? What if you could stand passionately for the evolution of the whole... and emerge feeling lighter, freer and more empowered?

Terry Patten has answers (and provocative questions!) that open you to new ways of viewing the challenges now facing us.

Terry, one of the foremost integral thinkers and activists of our day, is now focusing on how we can each apply the wisdom of integrated, holistic practice to become what he calls “ integral revolutionaries. ”

Terry worked closely with the Institute of HeartMath, leading the team that developed its first heart-rate variability device. He also worked with Ken Wilber to translate his brilliant integral theory (used at the highest levels of business and government) into a truly Integral Life Practice. Even more importantly, Terry embodies 40 years of wisdom as a serious student and teacher of authentic spirituality.

In this special online event, he’ll explore how you can open your heart, expand your understanding, anchor yourself in sacred wisdom and contribute to cultural evolution.

He’ll light the way beyond simplistic slogans into a rich dance of evolutionary inquiry and action that calls more of your spirit and soul forward in the midst of tumultuous times.

During the hour-long session, Terry will share with you:

  • How our moment is a spiritual initiation into a new kind of citizenship
  • Why Trump’s election is a call for the evolution of both left and right
  • A practice to turn shocking news into a source of energy and empowerment
  • How to calibrate your practice and activism for the long haul, so that you get stronger every week

Join us for an illuminating hour that will help you open the door to a new, fresh and profound relationship with your own heart!

What People Are Saying About Terry Patten...

Terry Patten is one of the most awake and astute teachers of our time, eloquent, passionate, and humble, a tireless explorer of the truths of Divine Embodiment. I am honored to recommend him.
— Andrew Harvey

I love Terry Patten’s deep honesty, heart-openness and his strong drive for deepening wisdom and awakening. His mission integrates inner revelation and outer activism.
— Thomas Huebl

Terry Patten is a magnet for new evolutionary solutions. As an evolutionary leader, Terry puts the flame under the crucible of becoming, thus catalyzing the sacred inward alchemy of transformation.
— Jean Houston , Author of A Mythic Life

Terry Patten is a pioneering innovator, advancing the evolutionary edge of spirituality... He combines this creative innovation with a deep experiential understanding of a vast range of psychological and spiritual processes, always maintaining a tender sensitivity to the divinely human condition and a lifelong commitment to social activism.
— OMTimes Magazine

About Terry Patten

Terry Patten is the founder of Bay Area Integral and a key voice in integral evolutionary spirituality, culture, leadership and activism. He co-developed Integral Life Practice with Ken Wilber and a core team at Integral Institute and was the senior writer and co-author of the book Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening. He hosts the acclaimed online teleseminar series, Beyond Awakening, where he has engaged leading-edge conversations with many of the world’s most renowned thinkers and teachers. He speaks, consults and coaches on four continents and via the web.