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Patricia Albere
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Are you ready to evolve your spiritual practice beyond your solo routine and into the cutting edge field of mutual awakening?

It’s time to explore the highest level of human development that’s blowing away advanced spiritual practitioners as you access new dimensions of relating and expanding consciousness with others.

For too long, we’ve fixated on our individual awakening and become hyper-aware of all the nuances of our personal psychology, energy and behavioral patterns.

In the process, we’ve been missing out on understanding and discovering the skills for sensing, moving and living in a larger field of shared intelligence.

We haven’t learned to awaken TOGETHER, which has actually slowed our spiritual progress WAY down — because we’re not accessing the creative and liberating power of the group field.

Many of us are ready to move beyond our personal practice and development to begin this exploration.

Mutual awakening is emerging as the wave of the future, as more and more of us go beyond sitting on our zafus seeking individual enlightenment to awakening as a collective or in partnership with a beloved.

But mutual awakening doesn’t happen magically. It takes real skills to cultivate a sensitive, intimate field of consciousness and connection. It also takes a new orientation and alignment.

As we hone these skills and shift our perspective, remarkable shared experiences can open through which we can deeply recognize each other, unite in spontaneous upwellings of love and surrender into the sacred connection of Oneness.

We begin to revere the Beloved in each other (and in ourselves), as the shimmering dance of the Divine becomes far more present and palpable.

This shift from the solo “me” practice into a “higher we” requires entering a new paradigm, which has been called the “Inter-Subjective Age,” “Inter-Being” or “Era of Unity.”

Building upon more than three decades of teaching, Patricia Albere is highly skilled at creating the practices and context for entering into this new level of “we mysticism” that takes us beyond the subtle narcissism and “self-contraction” of a purely solo practice (even when done in a group).

In this special free event, transformational teacher Patricia Albere will share her discoveries about this new evolutionary potential, which emerged during a four-year journey of mutual awakening that unfolded with her beloved partner while he was on his journey to death.

Out of that journey and Patricia’s awakening, which occurred through the shared field, she created her larger work — initiating groups to enter into mutual awakening together. The results have been extraordinary, as more people learn to shift into a collective consciousness and experience the joy, creativity and dynamism of this multidimensional level of consciousness.

If you’re hungry to go beyond your current practice of awakening and begin to relate to others in a wholly new way that calls your full being into the dance... this special online event was created for you.

You’ll discover:

  • How to shift the focus of your spiritual practice from your individual body-mind
  • An expanded awareness and experience of the larger field
  • Ways a solo practice can reinforce aspects of our identity and constrict access to a multidimensional level of higher consciousness
  • More joy, creative energy and a deeper spiritual connection through the opening of mutual awakening

You don’t want to miss this free online event with Patricia, who’s been blowing away advanced spiritual practitioners as she leads them into new dimensions of relating and expanding consciousness together.

Patricia’s approaches are both unifying and deeply satisfying — helping you to unleash more creativity, joy and collaborative magic than going it alone could ever produce. Join us for an illuminating hour!

What People Are Saying About Patricia Albere...

My participation in [Patricia Albere’s] Evolutionary Collective over the last year has accompanied the most rapid personal maturation of my adult life. The group evokes levels of depth and authenticity that demand personal evolution and sacred service. In addition, I suspect the fields generated by Patricia and group members have profound effects that are unquantifiable.
— Dr. Keith Witt, Author, Renowned Integral Teacher and Licensed Psychologist/Marriage Family Therapist, Regular Contributor to Integral Life and The Daily Evolver

For me, my greatest joy in the Evolutionary Collective is Patricia’s transmission of integral consciousness. Whether demanding diva or wise mother, she sparkles with a higher Love, Intelligence and “oomph.” I leave one onionskin more liberated into life!
— Jeff Salzman, Founder of The Daily Evolver and Boulder Integral, Teacher, Leader and Co-founder of CareerTrack Training

I’m living extraordinary moments of connection with the mutual awakening practice. At the beginning I experience how the ego and mental filters try to control the way and the words to check reality. Now we are surrendering more to what is there and things are really opening up leading us to unexpected and unknown places. What a powerful and simple way to come together! Last night was magnificent, the most powerful yet. I feel tectonic plates are shifting in my personality revealing the next era of Being.
— Martin Rutte, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul of Business

Patricia Albere is a master teacher who leads us beyond personal awakening to experience an "I-Thou" relationship with others that is mystical, ecstatic and revelatory. It is as natural and magical as falling in love.
— Patricia Ellsberg, Social Change Activist, Meditation Teacher and Life Coach

Patricia is one of those great teachers who empowers you... You come away from any engagement with her work feeling not just inspired, but like you’ve visited a totally new reality....As far as I’m concerned, this is the knife-edge of Divine emergence, and I have no interest in being anywhere else.
— Christina Sophie, Tantra Teacher, Coach and Co-founder of WE PRACTICE

About Patricia Albere

Patricia Albere is the founder of the Evolutionary Collective and an internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and author. Her unique discovery of the essential components that create an awakened “we space” is transforming our understanding of what is possible in the space between us and in creating new fields of higher collective consciousness. Her work creates a powerful field of shared consciousness that reveals previously unimagined potentials for human development that can and are moving humanity far beyond the limits of personal growth.