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Access the Essential Spiritual Teachings and Heart-Opening Practices of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to Experience Deeper Wisdom, Ecstatic Devotion and Transformative Love.

Are you wanting to tap the profound wisdom and love at the heart of our world’s spiritual traditions?

Are you more interested in the mystical truths that unite different traditions than in arguing about which is right and which is wrong?

Then you are a new kind of spiritual seeker, one that embraces the heart of ancient faiths AND leading-edge spirituality.

And it’s time to access the mystical core of three of our world’s profound faiths.

In our post-modern age, many of us have become spiritual cross-trainers, discovering deep, potent practices from different traditions that feel resonant, powerful, and alive.

At the leading edge of this so-called “interspiritual movement,” exciting explorations are underway that bring together ancient truths about mysticism, awakening, and living in a sacred way.

Interspiritual mystics are drawing from many faiths and teaching about our essential Oneness with life and the Divine itself.
In Discovering the Mystical Heart of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, one of the foremost interspiritual mystic-scholars, Mirabai Starr, will take you into the heart of the mystical teachings at the core of each Abrahamic faith.

She’ll help you relate to each with new eyes and discover sacred practices that will help you deepen your spiritual path no matter your faith of choice.

She’ll also illuminate how all the traditions have at their core a relationship with God as Beloved — a heart-opening relationship that calls for surrender to the Divine in all its forms.

She’ll illumine the path of ‘ecstatic duality’, which is a practice ground for living in an exalted state while engaging in effective action in the world.

When you join us for this illuminating free event, you’ll:

  • Recognize the unifying wisdom at the heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Affirm that your innate attraction to all the world’s spiritual traditions is valid and beautiful, and is — in fact — your birthright
  • Claim your own interspiritual nature as an emanation of the evolution of consciousness and engage it in service of humanity and the earth.
  • Learn essential wisdom teachings and stories from religions you may be unfamiliar with yet are curious about (and have much to gain from).

Mirabai will offer you a powerful reclamation of the core truths of the Abrahamic traditions so you can expand on your path to creating a truly divine life.

Join us for this profound virtual event and you’ll also hear about the launch of a new live program in which Mirabai will take you deeper into the sacred initiations at the core of these three popular faiths.

What People Are Saying About Mirabai Starr...

Mirabai is an authentic mystic, a true teacher and a wonderful soul. Anyone who comes to her will find their cup will be filled. I recommend her as a person and as a teacher with great confidence and joy.
— Andrew Harvey, Spiritual Teacher and Mystic Scholar

It is with great pleasure and delight that I endorse the work of Mirabai Starr, who I find to be a soul companion as well as a professional colleague. In addition to being a gifted author, Mirabai is blessed with the capacity to inspire others with her wisdom and understanding of mystical theology. I referred to her translations of Teresa of Avila’s great masterpiece, The Interior Castle, while writing my own book, Entering the Castle, because of the excellence of her work. Mirabai is a rare jewel.”
— Caroline Myss, Author of Anatomy of the Spiritand Entering the Castle

What makes [Mirabai’s] teaching so powerful is that her vast spiritual knowledge is rooted in the real experience of being human. Her genius lies in the profoundly humble way she opens her life as a guide to ours. In making this connection she shows us the deep and mysterious spiritual truths that hold all our lives together. A truly gifted teacher, she points us at once to and beyond ourselves. She does all of this with a spirit so light that all who share her presence are also lifted. Oh, did I say that she is also a lot of fun?”
— Rev. Bob Thompson, Senior Pastor, Lake Street Church, Evanston, Illinois

I have been present during Mirabai Starr’s classes at the University of New Mexico in Taos, on both Philosophy and the theologies of the major world religions... One would expect from such a background that she has gathered and synthesized a dazzling amount of knowledge, but she also brings understanding, and especially compassionate wisdom. These are Godsent gifts that are simply given to her. Her life experiences of suffering and love pour into the cup of different levels of understanding which she offers so generously as a teacher, lecturer, writer and guest speaker. I am enriched and honored by her friendship.
Fr. William Hart McNichols, Iconographer and Roman Catholic Priest

Mirabai Starr possesses passionate eloquence when speaking about mysticism, making the ineffable tangible and real as eating delicious food that’s good for you.
— Jenny Bird, Singer-songwriter

About Mirabai Starr

Author, translator of the mystics, and leading voice in the emerging Interspiritual Movement, Mirabai Starr uses fresh, lyrical language to help make timeless wisdom accessible to a contemporary circle of seekers. She has received critical acclaim for her revolutionary new translations of Dark Night of the Soul by 16th-Century Spanish mystic, St. John of the Cross, The Interior Castle, The Book of My Life, by St. Teresa of Avila and The Showings of Julian of Norwich. She is author of the six-volume Sounds True series, Contemplations, Prayers and Living Wisdom. Her poetry collection, Mother of God Similar to Fire, is a collaboration with iconographer William Hart McNichols. God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam — winner of the New Mexico/Arizona Book Award for Religion and named one of the Best Spiritual Books of 2012 by Spirituality & Practice — positions Mirabai at the forefront of the emerging Interspiritual Movement.

Mirabai taught philosophy and religious studies for 20 years at the University of New Mexico-Taos, and now speaks and teaches nationally and internationally on the teachings of the mystics, contemplative practice and grief as a spiritual path. Her talks and retreats incorporate silent meditation, interspiritual chanting, sacred poetry and deep dialogue. She blogs for The Huffington Post.