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For too long, we’ve learned to see Christ as a person who lived 2000 years ago rather than the hidden divine consciousness at the core of ALL of us, whether we are Christian, Jewish, agnostic, or spiritual-but-not-religious. This has led us to be blocked to the joy, love, and reverence that emerge when we dare to open to our own Christhood – the capacity for us to be a vehicle for divine love here on earth.

Bill Bauman is here to help change that with penetrating insights, profound love, and great playfulness. In this groundbreaking free teleseminar, this renowned mystic will begin to dissolve the layers of beliefs and conditioning that prevent you from accessing the full You, the creative intelligence of the universe that lives through you.

As a former priest who has been initiated in many traditions, he’ll share a profound perspective on how we are each embodiments of Christ. We are here to serve in the creation of heaven on earth, not as a religious exercise but as a way that we express our most true and honest humanity.

Far from being a Bible-quoting preacher, Bill is a seer of the heart, finding in Jesus a spiritual brother who was literally calling us into our true divinity, which is also our ultimate humanity.

During the call, he’ll take you into an activation of the Christ presence at your core, helping you to remove the hidden “glass ceiling” to your awakening and divine embodiment. While this work is serious, it is also playful and Bill will illuminate how embracing our playful, mischievous spirit is essential to living a life filled with blessing and grace.

Bill Bauman is a spiritual teacher to many spiritual teachers, often working behind the scenes with more “famous” authors helping them to awaken to the full wonder of their being. That’s why we at The Shift Network are so delighted that he’s agreed to offer this transmission of insight and energy into the mystic Christ publicly for the first time.

Don’t miss out on a luminous ride that opens your eyes, your heart and your soul!

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold, nor shared without your permission.

About Bill Bauman

To describe Bill Bauman is a relatively impossible task. People have called him a unique and inspiring human presence, a selfless and humble being. As you experience Bill, however, you find that he possesses a compelling giftedness, a beyond-words quality that has deeply touched and transformed the lives of countless people.

Bill’s loving heart is at the forefront of his every interaction. His expansive vision moves people to hear their own truth most compellingly. His transformational gifts are deeply healing and magically empowering. His charismatic touch awakens people to claim their fullest freedom. And his own personal ultimacy is an inspiration for and mirror of the “ultimate human” that we all can become.

Bill was a Catholic priest in the 1960s, a practicing psychologist from the ‘70s to the ‘90s, a business consultant and leader for two decades, a noted leader in the global peace movement in the ‘90s and a spiritual leader from the ‘80s to today. Currently, Bill has combined these many systems into a dynamic and life-changing approach that he now calls “the ultimate human,” “the ultimate healer” and “the ultimate leader.” In this approach, he is a noted trainer, heartful speaker, loving motivator and visionary of life’s possibilities.

With a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, a Master’s degree in Theology, and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy, Bill embraces life from a broad perspective and expansive vision. Thousands of people have attended Bill’s seminars on personal empowerment, dynamic leadership, love and relationships, personal and spiritual growth, and empowered healing-which he has led nationally and internationally over the past 30 years. He has given hundreds of growth-oriented seminars, trainings and presentations to groups of every size.

A proven entrepreneur, Bill started and led four profitable private businesses, as well as his own successful private practice as a psychologist. Also, with his adored wife Donna, he founded and led two non-profit organizations-Washington, DC’s World Peace Institute (through the 1990’s) and The Center for Soulful Living (through the 2000’s).

He has recently authored three groundbreaking books: Oz Power: How to click your heels and take total charge of your life (2005); Soul Vision: A modern mystic looks at life through the eyes of the soul (2009); and The Soul in Love: Heartful and Inspirational Poetry (2010). He is currently writing a book on the Ultimate Human.