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What if you could effectively integrate a powerful practice into your life that has been scientifically proven to support optimal health and a profound sense of well-being?

What if you could start each day aligning yourself with inner resources that could keep you vibrant, centered and deeply present – while nurturing your full human potential?

You can! And the Meditation for Integral Health event will show you how!

You probably already know that meditation is vital to your health, your personal growth and the quality of your entire life. You probably also know that you should be doing it every day. Most likely, you have even tried meditation for a while, but then...

...then, you just stopped.

Perhaps you could not get through the obstacle of an overactive mind. Or, maybe your meditation practice seemed to dry up over time, and offered you less and less.

If this sounds like you – we have great news. The Shift Network is thrilled to invite you to a special free teleseminar, Meditation for Integral Health, featuring integrative medicine pioneer, Dr. Elliott Dacher.

During this call, you’ll learn the five foundations for developing an integral meditation practice that works for your body, mind, heart and soul. And, you’ll receive expert guidance for establishing and maintaining a regular meditation practice – so that you can receive all of the transformational benefits.

It seems that every week a new study comes out demonstrating the powerful affects the practice of meditation has on health and wellness. It has been empirically shown to promote optimal well-being and human flourishing.And yet,many of us still have trouble establishing a stable progressive practice that works for us over time.

Perhaps this is because we are not aware of the distinction between a meditation method whose aim is relaxation from one whose goal is to understand our minds, free ourselves of habitual patterns and resolve emotional afflictions. And, even go beyond – to a life characterized by stable inner peace, happiness, compassion and boundless freedom.

What does it takes to establish a practice that truly transforms all parts of us – including our consciousness and well-being? What are the step-by-step methods and techniques that define a progressive and comprehensive meditation practice?

And, how do we bring together cutting-edge science and traditional meditation approaches to create a process that is time-tested and relevant to modern times?

Given the extraordinary and proven benefits for body, heart and mind – it seems inevitable that, in the future, even mainstream doctors will prescribe meditation for their patients, both for basic health and treating disease.

Dr. Dacher has rigorously studied what works from a medical and research standpoint, as well as spending some thirty years studying with master teachers and developing his own practice. He brings the teaching of meditation together with an understanding of holistic wellness in a way that is truly unique.

He is here to show you how to develop a truly transformative meditative practice that integrates all dimensions of your being. This meditation expert will teach you how to move from a "relaxation approach" to a sophisticated investigation of your mind. You’ll also learn to overcome the obstacles and problems that arise when creating a lifelong practice.

At the core of this teaching, is the realization that a fundamental change in well-being – an integral change. During the Meditation for Integral Health event, Dr. Dacher guides you to meditation as a process that investigates the nature of our mind, transforms consciousness – and enhances integral health and well-being.

If you have long sought to develop a solid meditation practice – but haven’t been able to develop a stable daily practice that is progressive, exciting, and effectively enhances your well-being – Dr. Dacher’s teachings will have great appeal, because he has distilled the core principles and practices for what really works and stripped away unnecessary beliefs and mystifications.

“Elliott Dacher has the heart of a sage, the voice of a muse and the skill of a trained physician...”
–Marilyn Schlitz, President/CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences

During this free teleseminar event, you’ll receive clear insights for establishing a foundation for meditation that allows you to experience all the benefits of a daily practice.

You’ll gain deeper insight into:

  • The potential for human flourishing
  • Techniques for cultivating intention and motivation
  • The distinction between a relaxation technique and a transformative meditation practice
  • The progressive stages of a meditation practice
  • The relationship of inner development to integral health and healing

Join us for an eminently enlightening – yet practical – free seminar with one of today’s pioneering teachers.

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold, nor shared without your permission.

About Elliott Dacher

Dr. Dacher studies and teaches the principles and practices of health and healing, with a special focus on inner development and human flourishing. His work emphasizes the traditional goals of medicine – the end of distress and suffering and the promotion of each individual’s fullest potential.

Dr. Dacher received his Bachelor’s degree from Queens College, C.U.N.Y. and attended medical school at S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo. His postgraduate training was completed at the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago and the Harvard Medical Service at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston. He is board certified in Internal Medicine.

In 1975, Dr. Dacher began his medical practice and served as a practicing internist, physician/administrator and Director of wellness and health promotion services for the Kaiser Permanente Health Care Program. In 1984, he established a private medical practice and began exploring and integrating innovative approaches – such as meditation, imagery, yoga, biofeedback and alternative therapies – into his day-to-day work with patients.

In 1996, Elliott left medical practice to begin an in-depth study of the principles and practices of consciousness and health – an ongoing study of mind/body medicine, integral health and human flourishing – which he pursued amongst the wisdom traditions of Asia. This unique education on the inner aspects of health and healing led to his most recent book, Aware, Awake, Alive. In this book. Dr. Dacher brings together the wisdom and practices of East and West, introducing the reader to a time-tested, practical and accessible approach to a far-reaching health and healing.

He is a past fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a past advisory board member of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Dr. Dacher is a frequent presenter and seminar leader, as well as the author of multiple books.