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Calling all conscious change agents who are building a new paradigm for our world: the next evolution has begun!

And THIS evolution will be fueled by the power of love....

The great news is that Anodea Judith has just the map for us to navigate our times and to lead the way forward. After decades of being the world’s leading teacher on the chakras, she’s mapped in illuminating detail the journey of how our world shifts its operating system from the love of power to the power of love.

This long-awaited shift requires the ignition of the personal and global heart as the new center of gravity for life.

The journey requires us to become Love-Powered Evolutionaries who can lead the way.

All of us. Including you.

In this exciting free call event, Anodea will share HOW we can rewire our bodies, lives, and our world with the paradigm of the heart at the core. It’s the new foundation for relationships. Work. Play. Art. Social Organization. Politics. And more.

We are driven on a very deep, unconscious level by the cultural codes we’ve inherited and most of them were born, developed, and sustained in an era built on the “love of power.” Anodea will illuminate how this structured everything from politics to church, from media to marriage.

Our crises are our wake-up call, shaking us out of 5000-year-old habits and leading us to new patterns of possibility.

After millennia of dominance, it’s time for collaboration.

After millennia of rule by a chain of command, we are now entering a web of co-creation.

The question is: how can we accelerate this change and create lives that are shining examples of the new paradigm – healthy, peaceful, prosperous, and creative?

Anodea will offer key insights into four foundations for leadership into this new era during her free call event, drawing from her forthcoming book, The Global Heart Awakens:

  1. Liberating Your Vision
  2. Building Bridges from the Old
  3. Awakening Your Heart, Healing Polarizations
  4. Committing to Embodied Mastery

Join us for an essential event for evolutionaries everywhere who are called into the next level of your mastery and leadership. And invite your friends!

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold, nor shared without your permission.

More about Anodea

Anodea Judith, PhD, is the founder and director of Sacred Centers, and a groundbreaking thinker, writer and spiritual teacher. Her passion for the realization of untapped human potential matches her concern for humanity’s impending crises – her fervent wish is that we “wake up in time.” She is a dynamic and experienced speaker, workshop presenter, and visionary, dedicated to healing our world and evolving human consciousness.

This call reflects the material in her newest book, The Global Heart Awakens, an update of her double award-winning book: Waking the Global Heart: Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love, which charts the history of human development into our present crisis and necessary transformation, with an inspiring message of hope for our future. She is best known for the chakra classic,Wheels of Life and the psychology book, Eastern Body, Western Mind.

Anodea holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in Psychology and Human Health, is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, with lifelong studies of healing, mythology, history, sociology, systems theory and mystic spirituality. She is considered the country’s foremost expert on the combination of chakras and therapeutic issues and on the interpretation of the Chakra System for the Western lifestyle. She teaches worldwide, with her books in 15 languages.