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A Free Teleseminar Event
With Teacher of the Emergence Process
Patricia Ellsberg
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Do you want to go beyond endless cycles of grasping, seeking, and clinging to the outer
forms of love?

What if instead you could enter a stage in which you realize, savor, and express the vast love that you already have within you?

This shift is at the core of authentic spiritual awakening, and forms the heart of the Emergence Process, a powerful approach to your evolution initiated by Barbara Marx Hubbard and further evolved by her teaching partner Patricia Ellsberg.

As you access the full, ecstatic love in your body, mind, heart, and soul through the Emergence Process, you begin to open to what Patricia calls the “Inner Beloved” – the unconditional presence of the Divine that lives in you, as you.

The more consistently you can access this state, the more you are literally filled up from the inside and experience your daily life as an overflowing fountain of joy and creative potential.

You are no longer stuck in the illusion that there is something outside of yourself required to make you feel happy, satisfied, or whole. You recognize that you are already the essential wholeness you seek; it’s not a mental concept, but a steady state of being suffused with gratitude.

This shift can also accelerate the evolution of your consciousness as you are no longer expending time and energy in fruitless seeking. Instead, you connect directly with the vast creative energy of the universe. This allows you to incarnate more of your soul into reality – to literally welcome your soul home into your body – as well as more fully express your gifts in the world.

The great news is that the journey of incarnating the Beloved doesn’t just happen in random, lucky moments of grace; it can be cultivated, practiced, and lived.

In this special call event, Emergence Process pioneer Patricia Ellsberg will take you into the heart of incarnating the Beloved. You’ll come to understand how this shift happens AND experience the Beloved directly through a guided journey with this radiant and wise teacher.

Patricia will share key insights and practices for shifting the center of gravity from your egoic “local self” to your Inner Beloved – without creating polarization, suppression or further harm.

You’ll see why so many spiritual traditions fail to deliver on real, unconditional love and the why our usual strategy of vilifying the ego is part of the problem rather than the solution.

As a result, you’ll begin to gain more lasting access to divine guidance and the ability to live each day with wisdom, confidence, creativity, purpose and joy.

Join Patricia for this experiential hour, and learn sacred practices that will allow you to:

  • Lift the wounded parts of your ego into a higher vibration by loving and understanding them and dissolving their sense of separation from your inner Beloved
  • Discover how your “sacred wounds” can lead you to incarnate the inner Beloved
  • Break away from the prison of self-criticism, self doubt and a sense of unworthiness
  • Live from a higher octave – so you are not identified with your separated self and are free to fully give your gifts.

If you hunger for a deeper connection with the limitless love, joy and creativity that flow from your inner Beloved, this is the call for you!

Patricia will also be sharing about the exciting launch of her new advanced training in the Emergence Process for those who want to go further or to apply this work professionally. The Emergence Process has been taught to thousands of spiritual seekers around the world and offers an effective evolutionary path to wholeness and living from essence, and a powerful complement to other therapeutic, facilitative, and coaching modalities.

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold, nor shared without your permission.

About Patricia Ellsberg

Patricia Ellsberg is a social change activist, meditation teacher, life coach and public speaker. In 1971, she helped her husband, Daniel Ellsberg, release to the press the Pentagon Papers, a top secret history of US involvement in Vietnam, which helped end the Vietnam War. The Oscar nominated documentary, The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, tells the riveting story of this era and Daniel and Patricia’s role in changing history.

Bridging spiritual experience with social activism has been a central theme of Patricia’s life. Working closely with her sister, Barbara Marx Hubbard to further social transformation through Conscious Evolution, Patricia guides people to make a shift from ego to Essence, so they live with greater joy, purpose and meaning. Her special gift as a coach is transmitting and helping people access a profound sense of joy and wellbeing through the artful use of guided meditation. She is currently coaching and teaching The Emergence Process and her own teleseminars on the theme of “finding mother-love within.”