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Emily Hine
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Stop the crazy and tap into peace, presence and power at any moment with these simple (yet powerful!) practices.

Finding it difficult to stay connected to a sense of inner peace after you roll up your yoga mat?

Does your morning meditation become a distant memory the moment you hit your first bump in the road — whether it’s negative self-talk, a stressful commute, difficult work meetings, or an unpleasant email?

Or, maybe you’ve been around the self-help block and you’re looking for a more authentic practice, and a set of go-to tools that you can apply easily in your daily life.

Or... perhaps you’ve received a frightening diagnosis, experienced the loss of a loved one or reached the end of your lifelong career and are wondering... Holy s#$%! How in the world am I going to get through this?!

The truth is, everything you need — to walk through life’s greatest challenges, navigate conflict, overcome painful patterns, and discover exquisite JOY — is within YOU!

So how can you access this inner wisdom and stay connected to your calm center in times of chaos? And how do you bring your focus back there LOVINGLY?

Mindfulness, peace and compassion teacher, Emily Hine, shares simple (yet powerful!) practices to help you access peace, presence and power in the midst of our crazy-making world.

Transform unhelpful thought patterns and reprogram new responses... deepening your spiritual connection to source, restoring balance to your emotions and ultimately living with more compassion toward yourself and others.

What Emily offers is REAL — she’s lived it. No second-hand news here. At a crucial time in her life, turning inward (and upward!) was her only hope...

In this intimate video session, Emily will share her personal story of facing her own suffering — which included a cancer diagnosis — with sweet surrender and deep introspection. She ultimately healed herself physically as well as emotionally through cultivating more compassion, peace and joy within herself and all areas of her life.

Emily wholeheartedly brings the wisdom gained on her own heroine’s journey to her mindfulness, peace and compassion teachings. And she’ll support you to tap into more inner peace, even when that may seem impossible, in the areas of your life that most need it.

Emily uses humor, authenticity and an admirable boots-on-the-ground approach to address difficult, painful stories and experiences and guide you into a more grounded life.

During this engaging hour with Emily, you’ll discover:

  • Her sure-fire mindfulness practice for achieving present-moment awareness
  • A morning ritual to help you connect with Source or your higher guidance. (Hint: start with God before technology)
  • How to drop into your heart connection and experience more compassion in conflicts great and small
  • Powerful practices to free yourself from the grip of your emotions and access more JOY!

And, you’ll discover exactly how to go from Holy Sh*t to Holy Sit...

As human beings we’re vulnerable to life’s challenges, painful experiences and negative thinking. However, we’re also resilient... we persevere, we overcome and we bear witness to the impossible.

How you navigate the more painful moments AND how you access joy regardless of outside circumstances determines the quality of your life.

Join us for this short journey with Emily and add a few more practical tools to your “being human” toolbox!

What People Are Saying About Emily Hine...

There is always a marked difference between someone who has mastered the concepts and someone who has taken the journey. But when you meet someone who has a full command of the very latest thinking in a number of disciplines matched with profound life experiences, commitment and practice you are lucky indeed. Emily Hine is such a person. She can show the way to be At Peace With Yourself because she has been at the leading edge of the science and practice of peace and compassion work for many years and because she has been taken to the very edge of challenges in her own life. Take this opportunity to journey deep into your own inner journey to peace with a teacher who really knows how to get you there. I assure you these words come from authenticity and truth and for sincere caring that we be led by true teachers.
— James O’Dea, Former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Former Director of Amnesty International

Emily has overcome significant life-threatening health challenges. It is this experience and others that imbue her with compassion for herself and others and it is through this journey that she has found her inner peace. She has spent a great deal of time in reflection and learning the wisdom of the ages that allow her to be an extraordinary teacher and human being.
Dr. James R. Doty, Professor of Neurosurgery, Director, CCARE, Stanford University School of Medicine

For anyone considering joining Emily in any of her programs, I can’t stress enough for you to do it without hesitation! She is well-educated, has a wealth of personal experience, and a beautiful creative mind that will lead you into the depths of your heart and soul like very few on our planet can.
— David Anthony McKay

Emily is a real life, real time, mindfulness guru. She’s been through the fire, and alchemized the most soothing, grounded demeanor. Not to imply she’s dull or anything. Rather, she’s funny as sh&t! I thoroughly enjoy Emily’s meditation and mindfulness exercises. I appreciate her insights. Overall, if this were Amazon.com, I’d rank her 5 stars, and not to be missed!
— Tara Leduc, Canada

Emily... kept us fully engaged and supported us tremendously during this training... My eyes and heart have been opened deeply in taking this course. I am forever grateful.
— Diana Kilber, Phoenix, Arizona

This woman is amazing and has helpful and thoughtful insights not only into dealing with a cancer diagnosis but into life in general. Very down-to-earth and just an all-around-cool chick.
— Anonymous

Words don’t express the gratitude I have... coming together to share and build a community of peace in this day and age is vital... knowing that people all over the world are able to connect and share in this effort is powerful and wonderful... A dream come true for my ancestors.
— Jennifer, Nova Scotia, Canada

About Emily Hine

Emily Hine has more than 25 years of experience in fundraising, marketing, public speaking, volunteer management and social change. Over the course of her career, she has designed and implemented large-scale campaigns that have raised over $150 million for nonprofit organizations across the United States.

After 911, Emily quit her job in Corporate Philanthropy at Microsoft in order to commit her life to expanding peace and compassion in the world. Shortly thereafter, she served on the Executive Team for Seeds of Compassion, a global event with the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu that brought 150,000 people together and contributed substantially to the worldwide compassion movement. She then became the Chief of Peace for The Shift Network and co-designed their first Peace Ambassador Training. Emily now serves on faculty for The Shift Network Peace Education Programs.

Emily is also the founder and host of The Global Compassion Summit and a Certified Compassion Cultivation Training™ Teacher from the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, Stanford University (CCARE). She is also trained in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and in Vipassana/Mindfulness meditation which she brings into her courses.

Emily is President of HineSight Consulting and an inspirational writer at Holy Sit™, where she chronicles the story of how she took a nonviolent approach to healing stage II cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation; she also writes about the importance of doing our inner work, in order to become an expression of peace in the outer world.