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Receive profound insights into the art and science of color — including how color affects your mood, expresses your essence and radiance, and the best color palette for you.

Have you ever put on a red shirt or dress and noticed a shift in your mood or energy? Does changing the colors in your home from one palette to another make you feel different about yourself and your life?

Many people don’t realize that color has deep effects on our emotions, relationships and even success.

Color is energy after all, and different colors have different frequencies that resonate with who you are, or not.

If you try to navigate life with the wrong colors — for your hair, clothing, home, or work environment — you may not only feel a bit “off,” but actually be suppressing your natural expression.

Without some training in color, it’s easy to be misled by fads, fashion and inauthentic beauty trends. Many of us adopt colors out of synch with our authentic selves and that thwart our full expression.

But what if you knew precisely and even scientifically which colors aligned your appearance with your true essence?

The result of the alignment of your outer expression and your inner truth is that you not only appear more beautiful, magnetic and radiant to others; you also feel more at home in your body and your life.

You can relax into a more natural expression of who you truly are. You gain more energy and confidence. And people see you more for who you are.

In this fascinating online seminar, renowned color pioneer Arden Reece will guide you in the preliminary discovery of a color palette that will uplevel your ability to express your essence in work, play and love!

She’ll take you behind the scenes with designers, artists and other top color experts.

And as you get better at working with color, you’ll naturally become a living work of art because you’ll be applying the same intelligence and sensitivity an artist does with a canvas!

You’ll experience a new vibrancy that comes from aligning your outer appearance and inner essence. This will ramp up your happiness and make it easier to create the life of your dreams — and attract people who honor the authentic you.

Knowing the art and science of color helps in everything from fashion to jewelry to home and office design and will give you a new foundation of confidence and radiant self-expression that is not about fads and trends but about the most natural expression of YOU. .

In this free one-hour session with Arden Reece, you’ll discover:

  • How to connect your inner and outer expression through color so you can be seen for who you truly are
  • Which colors to add right away to your wardrobe and home to express yourself creatively
  • Color techniques to improve your energy, moods and confidence

Join us for a fascinating hour on the artistic, psychological and even spiritual dimensions of a subject that profoundly affects our lives and is too often glossed over by superficial beauty magazines and fashion trends.

Ultimately, this is about the journey of expressing your true self!

During this online event, you’ll also learn about the exciting launch of a new 7-week program in which you can discover a step-by-step system for expressing your true colors in your life

What People Are Saying About Arden Reece...

Before I met Arden, my wardrobe was cluttered with things that did not work well together. Becoming aware of my unique colors through her was a tremendous transformation for me. Now I need fewer items as they tend to mix and match easily.

I now am more confident and expressive in my daily life because I am wearing and surrounding myself with colors that support and empower me. The colors align with my energy and that makes me look and feel great. People often respond with warmth and the connections and compliments come frequently.

I feel tremendous gratitude for the impact that Arden has made in my wardrobe and life.

– Renee Lynn, Santa Fe, NM

Arden has a flawless eye for shape and color that takes in not just my body type but my personality as well. I love that she considers the entire picture of what looks BEST on me coupled with how I want to present myself in the world. I feel really safe in her hands and trust her judgment completely. I have never looked better!
– Amanda Lee, Actress

Since working with Arden, my style has truly transformed. I now have a solid foundation for creating my new sophisticated look and her color expertise is genius. Now I can tell immediately when I walk into a clothing store what will look good on me and what to steer clear of. I especially love the neutral color swatches and refer to them often when I’m shopping and getting dressed in the morning. Thank you, Arden, for providing the tools, knowledge and expert coaching for me becoming the best, most stylish “me!” I’m on my way.
– Rebecca Massoud, Business & Marketing Coach

Working with Arden’s color system has not only helped me become a MUCH better stylist by understanding the power and impact of color, it has helped so many of my clients take control of their own beauty and style, which is the greatest satisfaction I could ask for! I could not do what I do without you Arden!
Lori Lutton, Dressed Inc

Arden’s color system opened a whole new world of color to me. One of my biggest learnings was that no one should be put into a category of colors such as a “season” and that colors are an individual reflection based on personal coloring, personality and style. My clients feel refreshed and fulfilled to be wearing colors that enhance their personal coloring and style. They take their paddles when they shop and use them as a guide so that they only wear colors that make them look and feel their best. I feel fortunate to have been trained by Arden and to have the tools that I need as a professional fashion consultant to provide excellent personalized consults to my clients.
– Maria Nelson, Fashion Consultant

About Arden Reece:

Arden Reece is a nationally recognized expert color practitioner, writer and speaker who helps individuals around the world create meaningful transformations for themselves. Arden guides you to enhance yourself and your relationships by aligning your inner essence with your own unique blueprint using science and art-based color principles. Her 12 years of studies and research on personal coloring led her to develop her work around the Essence and Magnetic colors which bring out an individual’s personal coloring and presence in a unique and powerful way.

Arden started transforming lives back in 2004 when she launched her own clothing boutique and then went on to found Wardrobe911.com and the Wardrobe 911 Style Institute (the first online interactive learning environment for professional stylists). She has over 15 successful years in brand marketing with companies such as Visa, Wells Fargo, Intuit, and Levi Strauss. She holds a B.S. in International Marketing with a minor in Art History and has undergone 64 hours of intensive interdisciplinary color training with the highly regarded International Association of Color Consultants/Designers (IACC-NA)

Arden’s color credentials have been shared on stage with companies such as Genentech, Jhirmack, Going Gray Looking Great, San Jose State University and many more. She’s also been featured on national morning shows, the San Diego Times, DisneyFamily.com, and worked with hundreds of individuals world-wide.

Arden lives in Northern San Diego with her partner and two dogs.