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With Global Activist and Co-founder of the Gaiafield Project
David Thomas Nicol
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Discover how to take your spiritual practice to the next level by working with higher realms and inner dimensions to transform and heal groups, collectives and even entire countries.

If you’ve been on a spiritual path for some time, you’ve probably come across the concept of the “subtle body,” which typically refers to the existence of various non-physical layers of energy that underlie the physical body.

These layers are commonly associated with subtle centers of energy, such as the chakra system.

While most of us have been exposed to working with subtle energies on a personal level, the idea of working with group subtle fields opens up an exciting new world of possibilities.

How do individual subtle bodies differ from group subtle fields? How are they similar? How do we align these fields to create more coherent, collaborative and impactful groups? How can we use their power to effect collective change?

These are just some of the mind-bending questions positioned at the frontiers of science and spirituality that will be addressed in a fascinating one-hour exploration with author and activist David Nicol.

This emerging new field, anchored with perspective-altering inquiries and practices, has practical implications for teamwork, businesses, change agents and subtle activists.

Few people have explored this area deeper than Dr. David Thomas Nicol, the author of Subtle Activism, host of our recent Subtle Activism Summit, and co-founder of the BeThePeace annual global meditation during the International Day of Peace. David has developed a powerful methodology for working with group subtle fields.

Early results produced by his methodology have been remarkable. Building the subtle body of a group appears to lead to deep levels of sustained coherence, heightened creativity and seamless group functioning.

These collective fields develop an almost magnetic quality, becoming a source of profound support for personal awakening and a supercharged vehicle for social and collective healing.

In this special free call event, you’ll discover:

  • How to tune into specific dimensions to amplify qualities such as love, determination, or courage for individual, group and collective evolution
  • The power of a “group broadband” for downloading more impactful information and guidance than what a single individual can tap into
  • How to protect yourself in group field work, and then reconnect to individual sovereignty afterward
  • How to understand group subtle fields as a natural byproduct of the “moving from me to we” process
  • The heightened power and capacities of a group field to support healing and transformation, both in individuals and in the world at large
  • The importance of linking your spiritual practice with a higher evolutionary purpose
  • The importance of setting “right intention” so as not to use the group field for harmful intent

Working with group subtle fields also opens up an exciting new realm for spiritual practices, which can evolve beyond personal growth to positively impacting global “hot spots” — areas of real suffering — or even major political processes involving millions of people.

If you’ve been intrigued about venturing beyond your solo meditation or prayer practice, and wish to make a difference in the larger issues of our time by working with group energy fields, this is the event for you.

You’ll also hear about a brand new online program that will empower you to put these insights into practice.

What People Are Saying About David Nicol...

David’s subtle activism meditation was truly the best guided meditation I have ever participated in. I am usually averse to guided meditation because I often feel the guide doesn’t fully open the field. Only once else have I experienced this profound layering and depth.
— Anne Stadler, Call of Compassion Northwest / Honoring Beloved Community

David T. Nicol radiates joy and clear presence grounded in deep spiritual practice, and he brings these gifts with great skillfulness to the challenging work of personal and planetary transformation. Studying with David has deepened my activism and helped me — and many others — to awaken some pretty awesome capacities to “be the peace” and heal human relationships, especially with Mother Earth. May these inner technologies illuminate each and every heart!
— Jeff Vander Clute, Sourcing the Way, Evolutionary Leaders

David Nicol brings forth his great gifts and gentle guidance in service to the power of Subtle Activism. He is highly intuitive and engages participants to experience the deep and beneficial work this practice can bring to serve the work we are doing in these tumultuous times.
— Gretchen M. Krampf, MSOD, Director, NewStories Thriving Salish Sea Project

David Nicol has that rare combination of understanding the science of applying subtle activism techniques while also creating a safe and welcoming container to hold each person within the framework of the group field being created. His willingness to allow spirit and the group energy to take the lead ensures that each process unfolds organically. I look forward to participating in this adventure in transformation with David as our loving and capable guide!
— Elizabeth Tobin, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

About David Nicol...

David Thomas Nicol, PhD is director and co-founder of the Gaiafield Project, an action research center founded at the California Institute of Integral Studies that advances the study and practice of subtle activism. His book, Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation, is the first comprehensive treatment of the topic.

David is co-founder of BeThePeace, one of the world’s largest global meditation events that takes place during the annual International Day of Peace (September 21).

He teaches subtle activism in the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness program at the California Institute of Integral Studies and at The Shift Network. A former environmental lawyer from Australia, he now lives in Berkeley with his wife, Kate, and dogs, Jackson and Peaches.