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With Author and Shamanic Teacher
Tom Pinkson
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Discover Shamanic Teachings and Practices to Make Your Journey of Aging Spiritually Fulfilling, Joy-filled and Infused With Higher Purpose.

Access Higher Dimensions of Consciousness Through Powerful Wisdom Teachings from the Huichol & Discover How to Make Each Day of Your Life More Potent and Creative.

We’ve all seen pictures of Indigenous elders who are revered as wisdom keepers, healers and teachers — and whose faces are perpetually lit with joy.

In so many traditional cultures, the later years represent the apex of both contribution and happiness.

By contrast, so much of Western culture views our elder years as a time of physical diminishment and waning contribution.

We can learn much from shamanic wisdom cultures about how to age gracefully and creatively, and to truly make our later years our “golden years” — the most spiritually meaningful time of our lives.

In this free teleseminar event, author and shamanic teacher Tom Pinkson will share wisdom gathered from over 40 years of working with shamanic cultures and a particularly profound apprenticeship with the Huichol in Mexico. He’ll explain how to apply indigenous practices and shamanic wisdom to transform your journey of aging.

You’ll hear about fascinating concepts from the Huichol that can significantly impact the quality of your life, such as:

Nierica: A sacred portal you can open between dimensions of consciousness to access ancestral knowledge, animal spirits and deep guidance

Tatewari: The spirit of fire, seen as a grandfather; by invoking this spirit through sacred practices, you can empower a more conscious, intentional, creative day

Takutsi nakaway: This grandmother spirit connects with the flowers on the fruit trees and the invisible power of Mother Earth

As you align with natural forces and subtle dimensions and begin to disidentify with the more temporal parts of yourself, from your body to your ego, you open up to a more spirit-filled quality of life that is heart-based and deeply fulfilling.

While this won’t remove all the physical aches, you will experience a transformed relationship with both your body and the natural dropping away of certain fixations from the younger years.

You’ll open to a more creative relationship with love and a deeper sense of living in alignment with your soul.

During this hour with Tom, you’ll:

  • See why shifting your identity beyond your body-mind and ego — and no longer being tricked by your senses — is key to fruitful aging
  • Understand how to use a Tatewari fire ritual to begin your day in a more conscious, intentional way
  • Recognize the importance of reigniting your creativity, giving you juice throughout the day
  • Explore how to "feed" your ancestor spirits and heal intergenerational ancestral wounds to release yourself from negative programming around aging
  • Begin to discover your heart-path vision, which goes beyond a job or a career into the real purpose for your soul being here

More than anything, this free call event will illuminate a paradigm shift in how you can relate to aging — expanding your understanding of how to use traditional shamanic wisdom to gain healing, spiritual awareness and courage to live your golden years with meaning and purpose.

It will also help address the root metaphysical issue in the West — identifying with our separation rather than our deep interconnection.

Join us for a mind and heart-expanding hour where you’ll also learn about a brand new program with Tom that will explore this fascinating terrain in greater depth.

What People Are Saying About Tom Pinkson...

Pinkson is one of those rare individuals who walks his talk, whose life is built on helping others, loving and forgiving, and a determination to trust and listen to the inner voice within him.
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD, Author of Love Is Letting Go of Fear

Tom Pinkson helps us to reconnect with the teachings of our Indigenous American ancestors. This is healing earth wisdom for our fractured civilization, and inspiration to honor the creative forces inherent in the land, the plants, the animals, and the people.
Ralph Metzner, PhD, Author of Green Psychology

Tom Pinkson not only studied the spiritual practices of the Huichol — he lives them and their beauty. He is a living example of how we can sculpt a new world through the power of love...
Sandra Ingerman, Author of Walking in Light and Soul Retrieval

Tom has provided modern people in search of a soul with a basket full of ancient flowers.
Bobby “Medicine Grizzly Bear” Lake-Thom, Traditional Native Healer and Spiritual Teacher

Tom Pinkson... sheds light on the potential in each one of us to change the current channels of our perceptions in order to live a more expansive, sacred and compassionate life. His encouragement for us to walk our path with ceremonial gratitude grew from his apprenticeship with Huichol shamans and is medicine for our times.
Marion Weber, Founder of the Arts and Healing Network and the Flow Fund Circle

About Tom Pinkson

Dr. Tom Pinkson serves as a bridge builder between ancient wisdom and contemporary society, walking in two worlds — one of traditional healing and one of Western psychology — and addressing the challenges of modern living. For over 50 years he has worked with Indigenous elders around the world, from the deserts of Mexico to the jungles of the Amazon, embracing spiritual teachings and sharing them with integrity to both preserve ancient knowledge and to leverage that wisdom for practical application to the issues that face our world today.

Tom has played a key role in three social movements of the 20th Century: the establishment and growth of the first at-home Hospice program in the United States, the introduction of the Native American-based Vision Quest to mainstream America, and, together with Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, the growth of Attitudinal Healing, a forerunner to today’s popularity of "positive psychology" via the internationally renowned Center for Attitudinal Healing, where Tom created and led counseling programs for life-threatened children and adults for 32 years. He is the founder and director of WAKAN, a community-based nonprofit organization committed to restoring the sacred in daily life.

Tom has touched thousands of lives throughout the world. As international keynote speaker, transpersonal psychologist, consultant, retreat and ceremonial leader, spiritual counselor, and author of The Gift of Mantra, Do They Celebrate Christmas in Heaven? and The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol, he guides people to discover a path of sacred and harmonious living in balance with the web of life.