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Sherri Lassila
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Do you feel called to take your leadership and life’s work to the next level?

Are you seeking greater success and a profound positive impact in the world?

Are you ready to lead the way forward in a more feminine way that is heart-centered and effective, spiritually-based and practical?

You’re not alone.

Women around the world are waking up, not only to our intrinsic power, but the importance of evolving our culture in a distinctively feminine way.

We hold ways of being, doing and leading that are essential for the evolution of humanity.

Our culture has been immersed in a masculine system of power for thousands of years. Now we’re being called to restore balance between masculine and feminine — ushering in a new era of wholeness, peace and creativity that can transform virtually every aspect of life.

The power of the feminine, in rightful balance with the masculine, is THE key to co-creating the world we know is possible...

Are you one of the women being called forward at this time? A spiritually-based, heart-centered and powerfully committed woman who is here to REALLY make a difference...

To answer this call, and to contribute to this new paradigm shift, it’ll take you stepping fully into your authentic leadership — one that is sourced in your power as a woman and your connection to your deepest wisdom and highest guidance.

In The Feminine Wake-Up Call, you’ll have the chance to discover the seven most important keys to truly inspired leadership — effective leadership in alignment with your soul’s purpose — from top leadership coach Sherri Lassila, who’s facilitated women’s leadership programs at Stanford University’s MBA program and Alumni Center, as well as draws from a deep well of spiritual wisdom and training.

Sherri will help you see that leadership is not a “power over” model, but about using your gifts for sensing, feeling, and aligning to move your work forward in a more organic, and joyful way.

This style of inspired leadership creates real bonds of connection between those who join together for a larger mission, whether as an entrepreneur, in a nonprofit or igniting a social movement.

Ultimately, it’s about bringing your unique artistry into change leadership as well as your genius for inspiring others.

As you do this, you become the kind of leader that others can trust.... and you don’t have to sacrifice your health and well-being in the process! You can learn to lead in a way that is both personally fulfilling, financially abundant and of great service.

In this free one-hour call, you’ll discover:

  • The most important shift in perspective for women to make their greatest contributions, and why it’s so critical at this time
  • The keys to transforming doubt and leading with authentic confidence
  • How to live and lead in more consistent alignment with your gifts and calling, even if you’re not sure what it is
  • How you can transform challenges that feel personal into a committed stand to make a difference — for ourselves and our world
  • How to lead with a combination of clarity, power and feminine flow

If you’re committed to being a new kind of spiritually-based, integrated and inspirational leader who’s ready to make your next level of contribution, this free event is designed just for you!

Plus, grab your colleagues and best girlfriends to join you for this complimentary event!

You’ll also hear about the exciting launch of the Shift Leadership Training for Women — a nine-month program to help you fulfill your purpose and potential as a leader as well as make your greatest contribution to our world.

What People Are Saying About Sherri Lassila...

Sherri’s greatness stems from her ability to combine/leverage three talents — as a teacher, facilitator and coach — to lead groups of individuals through a personally transformative journey in community with one another. She engenders trust in participants through her warmth and personal stories; engages participants through reflective and provocative exercises, and builds community through a shared experience / living laboratory.
— Laura Bunch, Director of Career Services at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Sherri is masterful at guiding people to a deeper place within themselves, and holding a supportive and powerful space for transformation. It seems to me that facilitation is not just something she loves to do — it’s something that naturally flows from who she is. She is grounded, heart-centered and brilliant — someone I can absolutely trust to lead a group in a profoundly connected and high impact experience.
— Michelle Stransky, Founder of Wisdom Women and Former Conference Director of Wisdom 2.0

Sherri’s coaching circle has been one of the most effective lifelong learning experiences that I’ve had. Sherri is a woman with a mission! She is equal parts smarts and soul, and she puts all the intellectual rigor of her Stanford MBA behind her soul mission working with leaders. Sherri has drawn on cutting edge research about creativity, psychology and innovation to create a unique Professional Reboot process. You will learn to listen for your most intuitive, powerful inklings. Through individually designed action-experiments, you will practice putting inklings into action in order to get on the road to doing the work you were uniquely designed to do. I’ve seen magic happen in Sherri’s coaching circle.
— Cristina Spencer, Writer and Community Builder

Sherri was a beautiful and responsive coach. I loved her perspective on things and she offered me a new way of looking at certain situations. During my time with Sherri, I was able to make leaps and bounds in the absolute faith in self... The value I received was beyond money. I am moving forward in my life now and experiencing wild success. Working with Sherri was a prominent stepping stone that has brought me to this place of clarity, joy and CONFIDENCE IN WHO I AM!
— Lisa Van Ahn, Founder of I Am Initiative and Owner of LVA Fitness

Sherri is a highly gifted coach. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sherri in an important time in my life. Her ability to get to the heart of whatever issue you are going through is a wonderful opportunity to really make a transformation in your thinking, your possibilities and your vision. I would highly recommend her to anybody who wants to make a transformation in their lives, find and live their purpose.
— MaryAnn Voli, Managing Director at Potential Squared Asia Pacific

About Sherri Lassila

Sherri Lassila is an executive coach, leadership facilitator and visionary change agent, whose work has transformed the lives of hundreds of women around the world. She facilitates leadership programs at Stanford University Continuing Studies and the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Center, and co-led Stanford Business School’s Women In Management Groups program. With a Stanford MBA and MA in Education, multiple coaching certifications, and a deep spiritual practice, Sherri is known for blending transformational inner work with practical results, and for creating highly supportive yet challenging coaching circles where women expand their authentic power, connection, presence and impact. She has worked with entrepreneurs and women in transition, as well as senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies, startups and nonprofits. She is passionate about expanding pathways for making a difference in ways that honor rather than sacrifice our families and personal lives, and evolving a culture which reflects our higher values and wisdom.