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Devaa Haley Mitchell
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When you wake up in the morning, stretching your fingers towards the sunlight, what makes you excited and joyful about the day ahead? What makes your life truly worth living?

As we get answers to these questions, we take big steps towards creating a life and and a lifestyle that will truly satisfy our heart and soul.

Most of us have spent a good deal of time and energy pursuing a vision of “success” that was installed by our culture, family, or friends. We’ve often devoted a lot of intense years to pursuing “the dream,” but our hearts are left feeling empty. We’ve followed the prescriptions to create the “good life,” but we’ve felt exhausted as a result.

If we are really honest, we may admit that even when we’ve been the most “successful” on the outside, we haven’t necessarily been all that happy on the inside (especially as women).

The unsettling truth is that while women have made so many important advances, more of us are burned out, stressed, and unhappy than ever before.

Why? One key reason is that we’ve unconsciously adopted a masculine models of “success,” which focuses our attention on accomplishing external goals, attaining financial success, material goods, prestige or even fame.

And while these things can bring us great rewards, they don’t usually satisfy us at our core. We’ve been chasing success, but what we really hunger for is fulfillment.

There are many different pathways to fulfillment. Most of us are fulfilled when we experience deep connection and intimacy with those we love. We find fulfillment when we fully express ourselves and our creativity – and have it joyfully received. We are fulfilled as we experience immense pleasure and witness exquisite beauty (not to mention when we feel beautiful ourselves). We are fulfilled as we feel juicy, supple and ALIVE in our bodies!

Yes, we desire financial success and the freedom it brings. But we also realize that money cannot buy us happiness. So it’s only one ingredient towards a more holistic picture of what will really bring fulfillment.

At this evolutionary time on our planet, it’s time to stop trying to live a masculine model of success and create our own unique feminine pathway toward fulfillment – one that brings more meaning, more joy, more love, and more ease into our lives.

And one where we make an important contribution to our planet along the way.

Once our own unique path towards fulfillment is clear, then we can empower ourselves with the tools and resources to walk the path to a divinely inspired life – one that is truly aligned with our vision.

Are you ready to get started?

If so, you are cordially invited to join this upcoming presentation, where Devaa Haley Mitchell will present a new 7-step model for FEMININE FULFILLMENT.

This model supports a full-spectrum femininity in which we respect our natural rhythms, nourish our bodies and build lives that are aligned with our most heartfelt dreams. That is how we change the world, by infusing more of our love and deep care to create organizations, projects, and businesses that are true to our souls.

Devaa Haley Mitchell is a leading teacher and mentor of this new path of feminine fulfillment. After temporarily losing her soul in corporate America and seeing how the values there were not aligned with her own, she developed a more fully feminine path towards a fulfilling life that is soulful and joy filled.

Out of this commitment, she has birthed many things, including the Inspiring Women Summit, which has touched more than 80,000 women worldwide and developed numerous trainings for women leaders to claim the full spectrum of their femininity to become radiant examples of a new way of being. In her private practice she works with individuals to create tailor-made life plans and then supports them to live it out – FULLY!

During this free online seminar, you’ll learn the key elements of the new feminine model for success, one that can lead you towards the life of your dreams. You will:

  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of your own unique path towards fulfillment
  • Assess where you are out of alignment in key areas of your life
  • Identify the fears or resistances that are perpetually holding you back
  • Examine your most intimate relationships. How are they supporting you? Are there places they are draining or sabotaging you?
  • Explore what “legacy” you want to leave on this planet. What will it take to make the impact you desire?

If you want to live a life that you LOVE and fulfills you on every level, this is the event for you.

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold, nor shared without your permission.

About the Facilitator

Devaa Haley Mitchell knows who we are BEING in the world is equally important to what we DOING. So Devaa supports audiences and her clients to drop deeper and cultivate their soulful presence and open heart. Through her trainings, mentorship and a spiritual community, she offers a space for true soul transformation. As a result, her clients are able to reconnect with their radiant essence, make a meaningful contribution to our planet, and have a life that they LOVE.

Devaa also acts as the volunteer Music Director at the San Quentin Prison’s Parallel Play Project, using the power of drama therapy to heal and transform the hearts and lives of long-term inmates. She also donates her time to various international service projects. Most recently, she offered a healing program to staff members at the AHOPE orphanage for HIV+ youth in Ethiopia. She’s also trained staff members from Search for Common Ground in new methodologies using the arts for peace building in both the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola.

As a musician, Devaa fuses East and West with groovy, danceable tunes. Her debut album, Sacred Alchemy, aims to reawaken and liberate the many dimensions of the sacred feminine.

Learn more about Devaa at