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Russ Hudson
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Unlock the Latent Potentials of Your Heart, Access a Higher Octave of Spirituality and Lead a Life of Expanded Possibility — Through a More Multi-Dimensional Approach to the Virtues of the Enneagram.

Do you want to deepen your understanding of the 9 Enneagram types and the higher potential in each?

Are you tired of thinking about fixations and want to integrate the more luminous spiritual dimensions within you, which honor both light and shadow?

Students of the Enneagram tend to forget that the system was first and foremost created as a mystical tool for enlightenment. The virtues (rather than the passions) were in the foreground as they represented the fulfillment of our type and the liberation of our gifts.

Now it’s time to bring those teachings back to the foreground to allow you to actualize more of your higher potential AND to not be limited by too-narrow definitions of your type.

Virtues are all ultimately rooted in the strength and fullness of your heart. As you cultivate a full spectrum of virtues – some of which are easier to access and some of which are harder, depending on your type – you engage in a kind of spiritual alchemy where you transmute the lower expression into the higher...

For example, in Type One, the Virtue of true serenity is born from learning to presence the innate goodness of life, and to use that awareness to hold our anger and resentment in compassion.

In Type Six, we discover the true nature of courage from bringing a profound sense of awakeness to our fear.

In Type Two, we learn what real humility is by bringing loving kindness to all the parts of us that feel we will never be worth loving unless we change ourselves.

A Rare Exploration of the Deeper Enneagram

In this special hour with world-renowned teacher and author Russ Hudson, you’ll have a rare chance to begin to understand the depth teachings centering on the virtues of the Enneagram.

The Enneagram teachings about the transformation of the heart are derived in part from mystical Christianity, as early mystics studied the ways in which we human beings lose touch with the Divine.

The virtues are a master map that can point you home – – to the higher octave of your own heart.

They’re manifestations of what the Sufi teacher Gurdjieff later called the Higher Emotional Center — and they must be discovered, cultivated and continuously refined.

The Virtues are also a link to understanding the more advanced teaching of the Holy Ideas which refer to states of non-dual awareness that can open from our awakened Mind.

Embodying these 9 heart qualities, your life can become a vehicle for a greater heart intelligence to work in the world. YOu become capable of selfless acts of courage, unconditional love and service.

Your Ultimate Map to Wholeness & Your Innate Divinity

Russ Hudson views the Enneagram holistically, guiding you to become aware of ALL 9 types within you, while working with your own basic type’s passions (fixations) and essential qualities.

Similarly, the 9 primary virtues exist in each of us; some may be less developed than others and all, at one time or another, can be occluded by the passions or “lower aspects” of the types.

When you learn how to work with both the Essential Qualities and fixations of your types, your virtues can begin to flower.

During this free virtual event, Russ Hudson will share key teachings on the 9 virtues, why they’re essential to our spiritual maturation and how to cultivate their deeper qualities in your own heart. You’ll:

  • Learn more of the original, spiritual context and methods of the Enneagram work — going beyond merely typing ourselves and others.
  • Experience a more compassionate way of being with ourselves and others, and a way of using the Enneagram in service to love.
  • Learn the more precise role of the heart in relation to the mind and the body.
  • Discover a meaningful way to work with all of your emotions, and to transform them into more useful energies for your growth.
  • Learn markers of authentic transformation — the signs of genuine actualization of spiritual wisdom.
  • Better understand how to use the Enneagram map congruently with traditional spiritual practices and perspectives.

These profound insights will give you an beautiful overview of a rarely studied aspect of the Enneagram that is actually central to its liberating purpose.

You’ll also hear about the exciting launch of one of the first virtually taught programs ever on the Enneagram of the Virtues.

What People Are Saying About Russ Hudson...

Russ is the best Enneagram teacher for his presence and dedication to the Enneagram world. I highly recommend to learn with him if you’re looking for transformational experience and what Enneagram really is meant to be.
— Pongsathorn, Bangkok, Thailand

I was able to grasp what happens to pull me away from my experience of presence, as well as the operation of all of the nine Enneagram energies in me. Puzzles that I had been pondering for years about my relationship to receiving were resolved, as I experienced the energy of my “missing piece.” The term “life-changing” is used a lot I know. But I can’t think of another one that more accurately describes my experience...
— Ann Kirby, RH Certified Teacher, EnnCourage, Inc.

I am a long-time student and certified teacher of the Enneagram, as well as seasoned meditator. This workshop... leveraged my understanding of the Enneagram as a spiritual path to a very exciting, new level, both for myself and in working more strategically with my coaching clients.
— Anne Wotring, Certified Palmer-Daniels Teacher

Having had the privilege of studying this material with a number of teachers, I was completely impressed with Russ’ quality of training and input on this topic. His willingness to be present, open and incredibly allowing and compassionate whilst staying totally on track with the content was fantastic.
— Marie Pierre Cleret, Sydney, Australia

Russ is a master, in the Enneagram and in heartfelt understanding, respect and kindness to fellow beings... In his presence something pure inside gets awakened.
— Sajili, Mumbai, India

About Russ Hudson

Russ Hudson is co-founder of The Enneagram Institute, and is one of the principal scholars and innovative thinkers in the Enneagram world today. He is also President of Enneagram Personality Types, Inc. He has been co-teaching the Enneagram Professional Training Programs since 1991, and is a founding director and former vice-president of the International Enneagram Association. Russ is also co-author of The Wisdom Of The Enneagram, Personality Types, Understanding the Enneagram, Discovering Your Personality Type andThe Power Of The Enneagram. Russ also assisted Don Riso in writing Enneagram Transformations. He holds a degree in East Asian Studies from Columbia University in New York, from which he graduated Phi Beta Kappa.