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Unleash more of your natural genius as you access a higher octave of your creative intelligence and find exciting, fun and life-enhancing ways to express your creativity.

Creativity is often veiled in mystery. Is there a secret formula for tapping into the wellspring of new ideas, strategies and creative projects that can fulfill our highest vision for our lives?

And when we do find our creative power, how do we maintain and even enhance it as the years go by?

Exercising your creative powers will transform a mediocre life into an exceptional one. When we are a fountain of creativity, we can advance our careers, build our businesses and generate exciting new gifts to support the world — while generating a healthy level of income.

And we live with a lot more pleasure and enjoyment, because expressing our creativity is one of the most exciting, dynamic and fulfilling ways to spend our time, whether we’re creating a painting or designing a program.

Too often, creativity experts focus on cognitive gimmicks to lift you out of creative ruts, but the secret to accessing your creativity is knowing how to tap into your spiritual intelligence. That’s right, the highest octave of your consciousness is the richest source of creativity. That’s how you become most open to the universe of possibilities that lies before you and to the guidance of your soul.

When you discover how to open the portal to this higher octave, you unleash your creative spirit and spontaneously become wildly, joyfully and prodigiously creative!

Like a maestro effortlessly conducting a symphony, you find yourself directing a stream of creative energy to whatever is in front of you. Even repetitious tasks such as cooking meals become more enjoyable with our creative rocket boosters on!

As you experientially deepen your understanding of creativity, you come to see that you are the co-creator of your life and our world.

In this special 1-hour virtual workshop, top creativity expert Jan Phillips will introduce you to valuable secrets that can help you access your spiritual intelligence to unlock the door to your creative powers.

What you’ll ultimately discover is that your most important creative work-in-progress is your LIFE. Your thoughts determine your choices, which determine your actions, which determine your experiences and the quality of your life. So the best way to uplevel your life is to start adding creative juice to your thoughts.

Jan will help you connect the dots between creativity, spiritual intelligence and engagement in society. She’ll show you how to bring mindfulness into your day and creativity into your career. She’ll also show you why conscious creativity is the new activism, going beyond the arts into ever-expanding waves of possibility.

When your own heart beats in sync with the heartbeat of creation, information becomes inspiration, and creativity can become a sacrament.

In this powerful event, you”ll:

  • Come to an understanding that the worst tragedies of your life can become the sources of your greatest wisdom (and creative inspiration)
  • Claim your role as a creative agent by architecting your thoughts and words
  • Redefine creativity and identify yourself as the creator of your story
  • Unleash a powerful flow of creativity in your life

Jan is a dynamic speaker and truth-teller who will “tell it like it is” and get you laughing while letting go of old ideas and limiting beliefs that have kept your creative genius from expressing itself fully.

You’ll also hear about the exciting launch of a brand new creativity training with Jan where you can put inspiration into action.

What People Are Saying About Jan Phillips...

Jan Phillips has brought into focus the awareness that there is an ART to original thinking. She assembles a powerful array of guidance and insights to awaken every one of us to the capacity to become a thought leader. Very well done...
– Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Jan is an amazing facilitator and teacher. Her presence and ability to connect with each person in the first few moments of the workshop set the tone for the entire weekend. It is clear that the subject matter is in her being — she rarely referred to notes as she led us with passion and clarity through the materials. She inspired us to mine our life stories for the golden nuggets of our experiences and then use them to commit to our sacred action in the world. Jan is an enthusiastic, intelligent speaker with a gift for responding to questions thoughtfully and clearly. It is evident she is deeply spiritual and brings a quality of centeredness to her work.
– Rymii Kaio, Business Manager, Seattle Unity

Jan has an amazing ability to touch the individual heart while at the same time being able to inspire the minds of the collective group to create, motivate and organize. She midwifes Spirit-led passion and then guides the co-creative process between diverse parts (minds or communities) to manifest a new creation that expresses something greater than the sum of its parts. It is something innovative and exciting; something that is a blessing to the world and all who are part of the creation. Simply, it is thrilling.
– Rev. Melanie Burns, Spiritual Director, Religious Science Naples Florida

There are many people presenting workshops on creativity these days, but few can match the power of Jan Phillips. Jan’s workshop is an uplifting experience for anyone seeking to live a more creative life.
– Daniel Douglas, Minister, Unity Church of Today,
Syracuse, NY

Leadership is both a precious and rare commodity in our society. Jan Phillips outlines the gifts that creative leadership requires and issues a call for people to step into that vision. The future of the human experiment might well depend on who and how many will answer that call.
– Bishop John Shelby Spong

About Jan Phillips:

Jan Phillips is a writer, musician, photographer and activist who connects the dots between creativity, spirituality and social action. Her life has been shaped by two years in a Catholic convent, one year on a global peace pilgrimage, and sixty-some years of living as a gay woman. Dismissed from the convent, excommunicated from her church, Jan created a life that redefines spirituality as the expression of one’s ultimate commitments. She sees every human as a creative being, creating their daily lives with their thoughts, words and actions.

She has taught in 23 countries, written 10 award-winning books on creativity, spirituality and thought leadership, created 3 CDs of original music and developed a YouTube channel of videos. Her books include No Ordinary Time, Finding the On-Ramp to Your Spiritual Path, The Art of Original Thinking and Divining the Body. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Livingkindness Foundation, which built the Livingkindness Centre for Learning in Ikuzeh, Nigeria. Jan has performed with Pete Seeger, taught with Jane Goodall, worked for Mother Teresa, and sung to Gladys Knight. Her work incorporates science, humor, research and the arts, making her a storyteller who is as luminous as she is light-hearted.