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Luisah Teish
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There comes a moment in everyone’s life where you recognize that the old ideas, beliefs and stories you carry no longer match the truth of your vision of who you can be.

That is the time when you enter into the chrysalis, preparing for a momentous metamorphosis that unfolds your greatest gifts and allows you to fly free.

But on the cusp of that moment, the old stories tend to hold you in their grasp. The form of the caterpillar is familiar and the future possibility still distant.

What can release you into that bright new possibility?

How do you let go of your old identity and rebirth yourself?

Story and myth can play a potent role in rescripting your life and preparing you for awakening new possibilities. They lay down the script for the drama of your life. If you stick to the old script, you’ll keep getting the old results.

Real transformation requires engaging your deeper brain, which speaks in the language of symbols and is fluent in the currency of emotion.

As you begin to unveil the story that has been shaping your life, you have greater freedom to shed your old forms and identities and enter into the unknown without fetters.

If you are longing to open to a new and more liberated life story, this event with Luisah Teish is for you. She is one of today’s great storytelling geniuses who knows how to work with your personal myth to bring more laughter, freedom and release.

As you learn from her how to let go and create a new storyline for your life, you will joyously enter into the metamorphosis phase, beginning to transform into the winged beauty your soul meant you to be.

In this free call event, you’ll learn to:

  • Begin to break free from the personal myth that has directed your life.
  • Understand the archetypal personalities of mythological characters that have shaped your self-image since childhood.
  • Connect with the magic of how to change your interior to change your external world.
  • Dwell in deeper levels of emotional neutrality around life’s greatest challenges.

Join us for profound insights, mesmerizing stories and a rollicking good time.

What People Are Saying About Luisah Teish...

Luisah Teish is the most authentic, skilled, professional person I have ever met who has a direct connection with the sacred, and is able to translate that to any audience. Luisah is the real thing.
– Cassandra Vieten, President and CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences

At Bioneers, we have been blessed to work with Luisah Teish over the past many years, and consistently find her contributions to be of the highest quality, not only in her storytelling and keynoting, but in the kind of presence and respectful spaces she creates for people to have transformative experiences themselves. She seamlessly weaves wisdom with ritual in ways that feel utterly natural, offers stories in ways that illuminate learning for each person in the room, and engages with audiences of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds in ways that are accessible, authentic and magical. Her gifts as a communicator, spiritual teacher and elder are many, and the presence and intentionality with which she hosts any group are deep and profound.
– Nina Simons, Co-founder and President, Bioneers

Dr. Luisah Teish has been my mentor and teacher and sister friend for over twenty years. Quite frankly, she threw up a sign in the woods of my spiritual wilderness that said, “Turn Here.” Her scholarship is impeccable and her dedication, unwavering. She has deeply influenced 5 generations within my own family; and will be included in our family’s Ancestral Shrines.
– Naeemah Jackson (aka Iyagba Osunkoya Alalade), Director of Family Programming, Peace Learning Center

Chief Iyanifa Fajembola Fatunmise (Luisah Teish) has been my long-distant mentor and spiritual adviser for many years. There has NEVER been a time when she wasn’t prepared to go the extra mile in order to ensure I received the knowledge needed and/or the tools to enhance victory and wholesomeness. If Chief did not have an immediate answer, she’d research and take care of the situation that had presented itself. One may even say “Chief will not sit still until the job is complete or the situation has settled!!

...Teish has never been one to sugar-coat anything when it came time for looking at things realistically. She has sat me down and helped me to look at not just the situation at hand but myself as well, in order to locate the needed solutions. I cannot say Chief ever led me astray by using “flowery” words or “popular” statements because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. She has always taken the direct but balanced approach of helping me get rid of “old baggage” and taught me how to open myself up to me more clearly, in order for me to truly become a better person.
– Chief Iyanifa Jokotifa Amufawuni, CEO, Yoruba International, LLC

Teish combines scholarly, practical and embodied knowledge in a way that is accessible to everyone. She is a wise and deeply grounded spiritual teacher, ritualist, and performance artist who has worked with diverse communities for over four decades. To work with her is to experience a true national treasure.
– Arisika R., Professor

About Luisah Teish...

Luisah Teish is a writer, performer and ritual priestess. Teish is an initiated elder (Iyanifa ) in the Ifa/Orisha tradition of the West African Diaspora, and she holds a chieftaincy title (Yeye’woro ) from the Fatunmise Compound in Ile Ife, Nigeria. She is also a devotee of Damballah Hwedo, the Haitian Rainbow Serpent, under the guidance of Moma Lola.

Teish is the author of several books on African and African American Spiritual Culture and feminist myth. They include Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Ritual s, a women’s spirituality classic, Carnival of the Spirit: Seasonal Celebrations and Rites of Passage, Jump Up: Good Times Throughout the Seasons with Celebrations from Around the Worl d and What Don’t Kill Is Fattening Revisited: Twenty Years of Poetry, Prose, and Myth. Her latest publication, On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Land, was co-authored with Leilani Birely.

Other writing credits include contributions to 17 anthologies and published articles in magazines such as Essence, Ms., Shaman’s Drum, and the Yoga Journal.

Teish was awarded a Ph.D. in Spiritual Therapeutics from Open International University’s School of Complementary Medicine in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1993 and holds an Interfaith Minister’s license from the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences. She has performed as a storyteller, actress and keynote speaker in theaters, at universities and for conferences in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Central and South America, Africa and the U.S.