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If you are one of the rare souls that is called to awaken fully in this life we have a very special opportunity for you.

One of the world’s fastest rising spiritual stars and luminaries, Thomas Huebl is offering a FREE teleclass where he’ll share some of his advanced teachings on the full range of principles and practices that he guides students through in his Intensive Practicums and long-term trainings.

Thomas will also dedicate 30 minutes on this call to teaching about one of the most powerful spiritual practices that he uses to live and authentically awakened life in the 21st century: Transparent Communication: How to Transform Your Communication into a Spiritual Practice.

This is a rare opportunity to gain deeper insight from a truly awake spiritual guide about the key insights, tools and practice that will support you in living a more conscious and enlightened life.

When you join this enlightening call you’ll receive:

A more in-depth exploration of one of Thomas’ most popular and important set of teachings:

Advanced Transparent Communication:
Transforming Your Communication into a Spiritual Practice

A survey of some key insights, shifts and practices in the following areas:

Advanced Shadow Work:
Integrating All that You Are to Awaken Your Full Potential

The Mystical Process of Incarnation and the Cosmic Cycles of Creation:
How to become fully embodied as your divine potential in this life

Illuminating Intimate Relationship:
Transforming Your Relationships Into a Vehicle for Your Awakening

Actualizing Your Enlightened Potential:
Awakening to Your Soul’s Unique Purpose and Mission in this Life

The New Culture of “We”
Evolving Beyond the Contraction of the Ego in Service of the Whole

Advanced Meditation and The Flowering of Spiritual Practice:
Opening to Your Superconscious Nature and Potential

Advanced Mystical Principles for an Enlightened Life
Attuning to the Universal Laws of the Spirit

Living an Authentic Awakened Life
Integrating Enlightened Awareness into All Aspects of Who You Are

During the call Thomas will make a very special announcement and share about his new advanced 6-month training that he is offering exclusively through The Shift Network.

So if you’re committed to awakening your enlightened potential in this life, join us for this illuminating free call.

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold, nor shared without your permission.

About Thomas Huebl

Thomas Huebl is an internationally recognized contemporary spiritual teacher of uncompromising clarity, compassion, and illumination. His work integrates the essence of the great wisdom traditions, modern scientific understanding, and his own personal path. Through immediate transmission and ongoing training, he guides people to a deeper level of self-awareness and personal responsibility. His methods offer a radical transcendence of the egoic worldview, opening the doorway to a profound life of authentic expression, service and alignment with the Absolute.

Thomas founded the Academy of Inner Science in 2008 to create a space for the exploration of contemporary mysticism and contribute to a culture of awakening. The Academy’s programs focus on both personal transcendence and an active engagement with the global challenges facing humanity in today’s postmodern world.

Thomas also holds an annual summer Celebrate Life Festival in northern Germany, as well as other large events dedicated to healing collective shadows, particularly the continuing cultural trauma from from the Nazi era.

Thomas has dedicated his life to exploring consciousness and supporting people worldwide in their own journeys. His associates and students value his special gift for seeing deeply into others, along with his capacity for supporting others in revealing, applying, and practically expressing timeless wisdom.